Yard Spray For Gnats And Mosquitoes

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Applied to entire lawn perimeter of the house 3 feet up and 3 feet out from the house exterior walls and entire vertical walls of the back patio. Ortho Home Defense Backyard Mosquito and Bug Killer Ready-To-Spray allows you to protect your lawn and landscape from mosquitoes that may transmit diseases like Zika and West Nile as well as ticks fleas and over 200 other insects.

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You can also deter gnats from coming to your yard by spraying with the ready to use Wondercide Flea Tick Repellant Spray.

Yard spray for gnats and mosquitoes. Here is our solutionWith every barrier spray treatment we always spray the ground with the product we use to control mosquitoes. They were plentiful last year the mosquitos would actually chase me around the yard and dive bomb any exposed skin. If this is not sufficient then we add an additional product used to treat the gnats and fleas specifically.

In extreme cases we can enroll you in our platinum program where we spray your yard on a 2 week schedule. Wondercide – Ready to Use Flea Tick and Mosquito Yard Spray with Natural Essential Oils Mosquito and Insect Killer Treatment and Repellent – Plant-Based – Safe for Pets Plants Kids – 32 oz. Holding the sprayers wand about 10-12 inches above the grass – spray deeply into the grass with a forceful spray.

The grass beneath those clouds of gnats is where they were hatched out and thats the area you need to spray. That area is usually about a 10 foot square grassy patch that needs spraying – you need not spray the whole lawn. Wondercide – Flea and Tick Spray Concentrate for Yard and Garden with Natural Essential Oils Kill Control Prevent Fleas Ticks Mosquitoes and Insects – Safe for Pets Plants Kids – 16 oz 1526 39 99.

Ive had very few gnats and mosquitos since my liquid app at 1 ozM. Just hook it up to your hose and spray following label directions.

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