Why Is My Peace Lily Leaves Turning Yellow

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5 Causes of a Droopy Peace Lily. Necrotic leaf spots with reddish or purple borders are caused by a fungus from the genus Phyllostica.

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Hardy in US.

Why is my peace lily leaves turning yellow. If any of your leaves are turning color or drying out just cut the offending leaves away at their base. Ive noticed that salty or chlorinated water can discolor Peace Lilys leave tips. If theyre drooping and turning yellow the plant is dying from lack of water and too much sunlight.

While calla lilies are beautiful they can be jinxed through the yellow leaves. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 4 through 8 these lovely white lilies normally bloom in summer. A great way of knowing the peace lily is dying is to check the bottom leaves.

If you notice dark grey-colored circles that are yellow in the middle then your peace lily may be infected by Cercospora fungi. Should you cut yellow leaves off peace lily. Thats all there is to pruning peace lilies.

You may be overwatering it or giving it less water than it needs. Most of the time it is related to water. This is just one of the quite a few peace lily problems.

We will provide a detailed guide informing you of everything that you need to know about calla lilies. Always disinfect your shears between each cut to prevent the spread of disease. It is either you give too much or too little of it.

You want to move your indoor plant to a darker area away from too much sun exposure to reduce water loss and stress. Sometimes leaves yellow and start to shrivel up. The water that you use may not have suitable minerals for your plant.

If you are concerned about why your calla lily leaves turning yellow then you do not have to go any further. Since peace lily are used as plants in. If your Peace Lily is browning it most probably has a water problem.

Do not be surprised if you see the edges of its leaves turn yellow or brown.

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