Why Is Gardening Good For Elderly

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Gardening increases levels of physical activity and maintains mobility and flexibility. Garden tools with easy to grip handles many seniors suffer from arthritis and generally weakened muscles and grip.

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Gardening can improve mobility and flexibility.

Why is gardening good for elderly. Gardening is a great low-impact way for older adults to achieve much-needed physical activity that is good for muscle growth and heart health. It is not about having a prize winning garden it is just about getting outdoors getting regular low impact exercise and having fun. The garden equipment and tools can all be modified to suit the needs of older people.

A lifelong love of gardening should not have to end as mobility and other issues arise in seniors. And like any form of exercise seniors who spend time gardening will enjoy many physical benefits. Gardening is a stress buster.

Studies show that even small levels of physical activity in the elderly can extend lifespans dramatically as well as enhance overall quality of life. The leisure pastime provides exercise stimulation accomplishment and a host of other benefits that are healthy for the mind and body. Felix Marsh is a member of the team at Heritage Independent Living.

Regular exercise can help seniors with arthritis experience fewer symptoms and gardening can be modified for both safety and comfort. Health Benefits of Gardening for Seniors Physical Activity. Working in a garden provides exercise without being an intense workout.

It also increases strength and endurance and can help to maintain motor skills. Helps Maintain Mobility Seniors with arthritis can especially benefit from gardening as exercise because the movements involved in lifting digging and bending stretch and loosen the joints and muscles. The size of the garden can be as small or as big as your loved one wants it to be ranging from a smaller.

When you dig plant weed and engage in repetitive tasks that require strength or stretching all of the major muscle groups are getting a good work out. Gardening keeps the entire. In addition gardening promotes bone health making it an excellent activity for those who have or are at risk for osteoporosis.

Nurseries and garden centers are. Gardening is a fantastic way for elderly people to look after their health stay busy and is a relatively inexpensive hobby. Dementia patients in particular showed decreased aggression with access to gardening.

Gardening decreases the likelihood of osteoporosis. By gardening in tires you not only reduce reuse and recycle but you also make gardening for seniors easier and more accessible. Gardening is a healthy stimulating physical activity that can be enjoyed by older people.

As for psychological benefits gardening and horticulture therapy have been linked to alleviating depression decreasing anxiety increasing a persons sense of stability and increasing sense of control.

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