Where Does Cantaloupe Come From

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In our opinion of course the best place to grow cantaloupe is sunny California. He transformed the region by developing a canal-based irrigation system.

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From around March through July Florida harvests cantaloupes grown down the middle of the state and in the panhandle.

Where does cantaloupe come from. Thirteen people have died from the infection but that number could rise with forthcoming test results by state health departments. He also introduced honeybees to the region and invented the cantaloupe crate. A small widely cultivated muskmelon Cucumis melo reticulatus with a heavily netted rind and usually orange flesh broadly.

People have grown cantaloupes for thousands of. If it yields just slightly its ready to eat. Therefore if youre unsure about when to harvest you can simply check the stem where your melon is attached and see if the cantaloupe comes off.

Yet though theyre closely related theyre two distinctive. To tell if your cantaloupe is ready to eat gently press on the blossom end of the melon which is the end without any stem remnants. They traveled to Europe and were named after the continent but the origins of this sweet musky fruit remained in Asia.

A ripe cantaloupe will separate from the stem with ease. The bacteria has been traced to cantaloupes. A muskmelon Cucumis melo cantalupensis with a rough hard warty rind that is not usually grown in North America.

More specifically in Persia which earned it its local name of Persian melon or Hamimelon. The scientific name stems in part from the word reticulated describing the cantaloupes rough webbed outer skin. Other states that produce cantaloupe commercially in limited volume include Texas Colorado Indiana Illinois Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Honeydew melon and cantaloupe are two members of the same species Cucumis melo. Spencer in the August 3 1946 issue of the Post they found in a cantaloupe a strain of mold which gave a much higher yield of penicillin than any of the original varieties They sent the mold to Dr. Cantalupo itself simply means howling wolves in.

If it doesnt leave it a little longer but check often. According to an article by Steven M. You can also sniff the blossom end to see if it smells sweet and fruityif it does its ready to be eaten.

It became known as the Rocky Ford melon named for the region of Colorado. It was landowner politician and entrepreneur George Washington Swink who helped built the melon industry. The story goes that the cantaloupe gets its name from Cantalupo di Sabina a town in the Sabine Hills where the papacy had a country estate.

Some believe that the original cantaloupes actually originated from Asia. Milislav Demerec at Carnegie Mellon Institute who used X-rays to achieve an even higher penicillin yield.

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