Where Do Cantaloupes Come From

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Some believe that the original cantaloupes actually originated from Asia. Athena melons are part of the Reticulatus group of melons known for their netted skin.

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People have grown cantaloupes for thousands of years.

Where do cantaloupes come from. The cantaloupe most likely originated in a region from South Asia to Africa. For a patient to dream of eating cantaloupe is a good omen suggesting that the dreamer will recover soon. Cantaloupes may be started from seed or purchased as young plants.

Cantaloupes are also open-pollinated by insects which means its difficult to control the source of the pollen responsible for producing fruit. The cantaloupe plant also known as muskmelon is a popular melon that is commonly grown in many home gardens as well as commercially. Most likely they come from Guatemala with a portion coming from Costa Rica Honduras or Mexico during this time.

To start from seed. Dec 22 2014 – Where do cantaloupes sold in the US. Cantaloupes are closely related to cucumbers squash and pumpkins and therefore share similar growing conditions.

California is the biggest cantaloupe producing state in the US and accounts for 60 of domestic cantaloupe production. The scientific name stems in part from the word reticulated describing the cantaloupes rough webbed outer skin. 2 They have the traditional cantaloupe flavor profile that all of the consumers enjoy and are used to.

Dream of a cantaloupe is a symbol of longevity. It was later introduced to Europe and around 1890 became a commercial crop in the United States. For an elderly to dream of eating cantaloupe is an auspicious indicating good health.

True cantaloupes are rather warty fruit that is mostly grown in Europe. Most people agree it. It is easily recognized by the net-like rind and sweet orange color inside.

1 The ripeness can be easily determined. It was later introduced to Europe and around 1890 became a commercial crop in the United States. The cantaloupe we grow in the United States is a rather generic name for all netted musky melons aka muskmelons.

How to Grow. They traveled to Europe and were named after the continent but the origins of this sweet musky fruit remained in Asia. They originated somewhere in Persia and were cultivated by the ancient Egyptians the Greeks and Romans then the Europeans and finally thanks to Columbus by the inhabitants of the western hemisphere.

In colder regions starting with young plants is recommended as it will give you a head start on the growing season. At any given point cantaloupes are being harvested somewhere on the planet and if you live in the United States the cantaloupes you see in your local grocery store from November until May are from Central America. Cantaloupe flowers that are pollinated by.

The cantaloupes all ripen at different times so they have to go through the field each time and find the cantaloupes that are ripe and ready for harvest. Other notable cantaloupe producing states include Georgia Indiana Colorado Florida Texas and the Carolinas. The cantaloupe that America is familiar with theres also a European variety is a type of muskmelon.

If you are in a colder region start seeds indoors 4. More specifically in Persia which earned it its local name of Persian melon or Hamimelon. Cantaloupe is a fruit with a soft flesh and a relatively hard outer rind.

Arizona is the next biggest accounting for 20 of cantaloupes produced in the United States. Come from at different times of the year. The muskmelon family includes honeydew casaba Crenshaw and others.

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