Where Do Begonias Grow Best

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Many growers exclusively use clay pots and have found them to be the best pots to use. Begonias are very susceptible to root and stem rot when exposed to.

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Begonias grow best in light fertile well-drained soil.

Where do begonias grow best. Many types of begonias grow well in clay pots such as rhizomatous begonias which resent wet potting mix. In cooler areas begonias can tolerate more sun than in hot climates. Some have glossy leaves and look like a philodendron but others grow large leaves and will.

For best success use a soil mix with plenty of vermiculite or perlite to allow it to drain excess water. While begonias cant tolerate hours of direct sunlight these plants bloom in a combination of partial shade and soft light. Depending on the variety of the plant Begonia can grow from 8 to 24 inches 20-60 cm in height.

Both the foliage and the tubers are cold sensitive and will not survive winter outdoors except in zones 8-11. Wax begonias cane or angel-wing begonias and rhizomatous begonias. Other types like tuberous Rex and Rieger begonias prefer cool temperatures and do not usually make reliable landscape plants in Florida but you can always try them as houseplants.

Most like bright dappled light to grow their best. Dragon wing begonias are a hybrid species with shiny lush green foliage and clusters of bright red or pink flowers. Tuberous begonias are ideal for growing in pots and hanging baskets.

The shape of the dragon wing begonia leaves looks very similar to the ones of angel wing begonia and they grow 8 20 cm long. Begonias grow well in dappled or partial shade avoid south-facing spots as the foliage can burn in direct sunlight. Begonias grow well in US.

If any burning occurs when grown in a south-facing window move the plant farther from the window. Depending on the type begonia can tolerate shade partial shade or full sun as long as its not too hot. Once planted in rich fertile slightly acidic soil they will take root and will spread up to four feet across within a few years.

They grow best in the filtered light beneath high trees or in an area that receives about 4 hours of morning or late afternoon sunlight. As an alternative they grow well under grow lights. They have fairly brittle stems and heavy flowers so grow them in a sheltered spot.

These flowers grow best in tropical and subtropical climates which is one of the reasons why they are typically grown as houseplants or in summer beds. Place where dry air from heater vents wont blow directly on them. Morning and afternoon sun is best.

The mix in clay pots dries out faster so clay will especially help growers who are chronic over-waterers. Moelyn PhotosGetty Images Hostas Hosta produce white or purple flowers in midsummer in Michigan but the true beauty of this plant is its leaf varietiesDarker-foliage hostas do best in moderate shade while gold-leaf varieties can handle a good deal of sun. Dragon wing begonias grow around 2 ft.

If youre growing begonias in a greenhouse shading may be required. As surprising as it may be Begonias are actually related to melons cucumbers and pumpkins. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 3-11.

Begonias that do best in the landscape generally fall into three groups. Some of the newer varieties have a longer blooming period or are everblooming. East- west- or south-facing windows are best.

Begonias are an excellent choice for pots and containers. Begonias can also be grown as an annual if you desire. Because they are sensitive to cooler temperatures they are only winter hardy in zones 9.

The trailing type of begonia are grown mostly for their trailing habit but put on a spectacular show of flowers usually in the spring. Their compact foliage and large bloom canopy brings instant color to porches and patios. Begonias grow well in USDA Zones 9 to 11 while the hardy varieties can grow in zones 6-9.

The best location for this compromise is on the north or east side of.

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