When To Trim Palm Trees

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Palms are naturally able to withstand the high winds that hurricanes bring so removing fronds isnt necessary. Whether or not the palm suffers from disease its a good.

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The cost to trim a palm varies depending on multiple factors but this guide can give you an idea of what to expect when you get in touch with your local arborist.

When to trim palm trees. Tree limbs are pruned for multiple reasons all of which result in a better looking and better performing tree. Sterilize and sharpen your pruning tools before you begin. As you remove fronds fruit and flowers will be easier to see and remove.

If you are not here in June or July please make arrangements to have someone trim your palm trees. Trimming beyond that creates a thin and narrow hurricane cut thats not good for the health or look of your tree. Cut as you are able and carefully remove them by hand making sure to wear gloves.

Palm tree trimming costs 200-500 on average but you can pay between 150 and 1200 per tree. Instead the best time to prune palm trees is when it looks like they need it. Prune to remove dead or dying fronds leaves.

To be safe though look up and examine your palms before hurricane season. You should never prune any green fronds. After your palm flowers and the fruit sticks have grown out this is the best time to trim your palm trees.

Loppers work better on stems up to 1 12 inches thick. Palm trees can be messy especially when the seed pods open and begin dropping seeds everywhere. If a palm is deficient in nutrients like potassium or magnesium trimming older yellow and green fronds will push the deficiency conditions further up into the canopy.

Each year new fronds grow on a growing palm tree and the older fronds die. Pruning shears work best when the fronds stem is less than 34 inch thick. Those dead fronds may be somewhat unattractive but they will help protect the palm from summers heat and winters cold.

Remove any dead fronds from your palms to prevent storm damage. Seems simple enough but ive been wrong in the past. Dangers of Not Trimming Palm Tree.

While palms with yellow and brown fronds might look unattractive its best to remove them only after they have turned completely brown. Think of your palm tree like clock. Palm trees need a full circular canopy of healthy green fronds to continue to grow and defend against pests.

The best times is just after the palm tree flowers and before the seeds develop. As the old leaf dies the palm moves its nutrients to the newer fronds. When removing green fronds think of your palm tree like clock.

We always suggest you trim you palm trees every year. Palm trees should be trimmed once or twice each year and when there are old or dead branches hanging from it. If you need help with tree trimmers call Bonnie at 480-802-4901.

This is a natural part of the trees life. Prune only to remove old fronds flowers fruit or hazardous limbs. Experts recommend that you wait until spring to prune your palm tree.

Although trees do grow quite naturally without pruning this routine landscape maintenance allows your trees to reach their full potential and live a long life. In fact it can seriously damage the palm tree. When pruning palms only remove fronds that are completely brown and that hang below the 9 oclock or 3 oclock position.

Youll know its time to prune your palm tree when you notice old fronds on the tree that have turned brown or are dry and dead. Only prune from nine-to-three down but never prune above that position that is what leads to the hurricane cut mentioned above. New fonds grow every year to replace the old ones so do not over-trim the tree.

Getting the timing right is crucial for the palms health and for curb appeal. Before you begin remember this key palm tree trimming tip. By cutting them off too early you will take these nutrients away from the tree.

Only remove dead or dying fronds. What is the proper way to trim a palm tree. Palm trees should be cleaned every 1 – 2 years.

Trying to trim and shave a palm tree for the first time.

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