When To Plant Iris Bulbs

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It is important that the roots of newly planted irises be well established before the end of the growing season. They get a chance to establish their roots in your garden before the winter season and will produce significant growth in the spring often blooming in the first season.

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To get the best results youd want to plant iris bulbs between late summer and early fall.

When to plant iris bulbs. Planting and dividing Most iris clumps become crowded and should be divided every three to four years. Iris sibirica should be planted with the top of the rootball at ground level. From blues apricots yellows whites to purples and even black – there is a border iris to cover everyones taste in colour.

So that is how deep you should plant bearded iris bulbs. Plant bulbous irises in autumn. Lift the clump of iris plants from the ground with a spade or fork.

Generally speaking the best months to plant iris bulbs are from July through September. For example if you have our Iris Reticulata Pixie or Alida the bulbs should be planted mid-autumn to see them flower in early Springtime. This is also the time that you would dig up and divide the Iris currently growing in your garden.

Learn how to store iris bulbs so you can replant them in a new place. Steps for Dividing Iris Plants To divide your iris start by lifting the clump of iris plants out of the ground with a spade or fork. The spectacular bearded iris grows from a rhizome a lumpy looking mass of root that likes to sit right on the surface of the soil.

However certain species will thrive in partially shaded areas. Knowing them will give you some ideas on how to plant iris bulbs and how to care for them. As long as you have a well-drained soil and a sunny position you can grow these easy-to-maintain plants in your garden.

Doing this will result in spring blooms. The best time when to transplant iris is in the summer after the iris have finished blooming up until fall. For best results plant iris rhizomes in July August or September.

The bulbous ones require dormancy in the winter. Plant border irises from late summer to autumn or spring. The best time to dig up iris bulbs or rhizomes in the garden is between the last days of summer and early fall.

This is also the best time plants are normally dormant during the heat of July and August to divide and replant iris that have become overcrowded usually after three to five years. The rhizomes should be planted in late summer in a well-drained sunny spot. Ideally plant irises in late summer to early fall when nighttime temperatures remain between 40 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit or above.

Iris bulb planting times vary with climate and variety but typically for spring blooming flowers in US. Late Summer is the perfect time to plant Bearded Iris rhizomes. Plant them so the top half of the fleshy root or rhizome is above ground and exposed to sun.

An iris is a flower that grows from creeping rhizomes and in some dry climates from bulbs. What Is the Best Month To Plant Iris Bulb. When is the Best Time to Plant Irises Iris are usually shipped from growers in August and September for a reason.

About four to six weeks after they flower divide by digging up the whole clump and remove the mother plant. When to Plant Depending on the species your bulbs will flower from February to March or May to June. This gives them plenty of time to get established before the coming winter.

When to Plant Irises. Make sure it gets at least half a day of full sun or a full day of sun for more vibrant-colored flowers. Plant with the tops showing and water them in to help the roots start to grow.

Most iris species require full sun exposure for at least 6 hours per day. Depending on the species they flower February to March or May to June Bulb irises thrive in a sunny position in most soils Last for several years To make more plants divide in autumn. Irises are arguably some of the most beautiful flowers to plant in your yard or garden.

How to grow border irises. Also they are suitable for USDA hardiness zones 4 to 9. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8.

When to plant iris bulbs. The tall bearded iris varieties are best planted closer to fall because they go dormant in early to mid-summer. They have a long and erect flowering stem that can be simple or branched.

This gives most gardeners the chance to get the in the ground in time for the rhizomes to settle in and start rooting. Place the rhizome on a ridge of soil placing the roots in the soil but the rhizome just above soil level.

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