When To Cut Lavender Flowers

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Tie the stems together with twine or a rubber band at the base of the stems. Appropriate deadheading and pruning of lavender involve the elimination of faded leaves from the plant and bring about higher and improved blossom making.

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Prune lavender plants in the spring when you notice new growth.

When to cut lavender flowers. While the entire lavender plant should not be cut back in the fall it is common to remove spent lavender flowers in autumn. This will ensure that the dried lavender will retain a strong floral scent and. Cutting the dead flowers off your lavender plant Lavandula spp is a good habit.

Pruning in late-summer or early-fall encourages good air circulation which guards against rot. Do not cut the inner woody stems of. Wipe down the blades of your pruning shears with rubbing alcohol or bleach.

How to Cut Back Lavender Flowers That Have Bloomed. For most lavender varieties pruning is best done during spring summer or fall after harvest. Discard it when it starts dropping leaves.

Cut lavender stems back after they finish flowering for the first time to encourage a second flush of blooms. Cut matured lavender flowers just above the leaves and gather into a bunch. The best lavender harvest time is early in the morning if you are picking them for aromatic uses.

If they seem to fade revive them by bringing them into a steamy bathroom for a few minutes or by lightly spritzing them with water. How to Prune Lavender. Deadheading can encourage additional blooms because it interrupts the plants reproductive cycle.

After the blooming snip off floral scapes to avoid needlessly draining plant nutrients. During the spring prune aim to cut back about a quarter to one-third of the plant. The best time for when to prune lavender is in the spring just as the new growth is starting to come in.

Cut flowering lavender stems when approximately three or four of the florets have opened on. Early spring is a great time to cut back dead wood to healthy growth and to shape the base of the plant before it puts on flower stalks. Hardy English lavender varieties naturally die back in the winter and respond better to hard pruning than non-English varieties.

Regular pruning twice a year gives your plant time regenerate fresh flowers and stay in good shape for the next season. When that many blossoms are open you should see a few of the lower buds open too. Cut the lavender at the base of the stem right before the buds open.

Most of the flowers should still be closed buds. Lavender flowers maintain their scent for as long as two years. For some lavenders midseason lavenders like English lavender August is the best month for deadheading.

Cut lavender flowers are an excellent way to perfume clothes and laundry. Deadheading cleans up the appearance of the lavender plant prevents the seeds from spreading and may prompt reblooming depending on the variety. Shape your plant as desired cutting.

The best time to give your lavender plant a slightly harder prune is in the fall after the last bout of flowers fades. Once your lavender plant has had one year to establish itself youll need to prune it once a year. Remove one-third to one-half of each outer stem with sharp pruning shears.

Because lavender blooms on the stems that grow in the current year pruning can be done in early- or mid-spring without sacrificing the current years flowering. Harvest the lavender before its fully in bloom. You can pick some in the first year or two although leaving the plants alone allows them to grow and develop more.

If you are drying flowers youve had arranged in vases of water make sure to cut off any brown parts in the stems. When pruning lavender its important to start out with a sharp clean set of pruning shears. The best time to cut back lavender is in the spring.

Using Lavender Flowers in Bouquets To harvest lavender flowers for bouquets or drying cut stems when roughly three-quarters of the individual buds on a flower spike are open. If your climate zone has mild winters you can also trim your lavender bush in fall. Its important to prune a few months before winter sets in to prevent frost and breakage from the snow.

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