When Is The Best Time To Plant Watermelon

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Snack Pack produces 3- to 4-pound fruits with dark green skin and red flesh. Do not plant seeds until the soil warms in the spring and all danger of frost is past.

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Do not start sooner as large watermelon seedlings do not transplant well.

When is the best time to plant watermelon. Watermelon seeds should be planted outdoors in the spring well after all threats of frost have passed. Its recommended to start watermelons off as seeds indoors. Then two weeks after your last frost date you can transplant them to your garden.

Plant seedlings or direct-sow your watermelon seeds in the southern zones 7 through 11. Because melons grow best when the soil temperature is 75 degrees or above cover the ground with clear plastic film to warm it before setting out the plants. Additionally those wishing to plant Black Diamond will need to ensure a long growing season as this variety may take at least 90 days to reach maturity.

The seeds can be started indoors up to three weeks before planting in the garden. There are a number of varieties of watermelon that grow well in Florida. Once the fruit sets to tiny marble-sized melons it only takes up to 45 days for those tiny melons to develop into watermelons 10 pounds in size or more.

Planting Melons are warm-season crops and are easily injured by frost. Plant when the soil is warm and all danger of frost has passed. The best time to plant watermelon in Florida is in the early spring and once again in the early fall.

Do not start sooner as large watermelon seedlings do not transplant well. They love deep sandy soils but will also grow well on upland shallow soils. As the moonlight increases night by night plants are encouraged to grow leaves and stems.

As watermelon is a native crop of Africa they naturally thrive in the warmest soils. Planting watermelon seedlings after all danger of spring frost passes and after the average daily temperature is above 65 degrees Fahrenheit encourages healthy. Florida has an ideal climate for growing watermelon and is a leading producer of the fruit.

Grow in seed trays and plant out in 4-6 weeks. We hopeyou will try them they are very rewarding and super delicious. Best planted at soil temperatures between 21C and 35C.

Avoid growing close to. Everything you need to know about growing watermelons is here. In the subtropical zones 9 through 11 plant watermelon as early as March.

In zones 7 and 8 plant watermelon seeds and seedlings in April. Matures in around 75 days. Since all watermelon plants thrive in sunny locations at least 6-8 hours of sun each day is imperative.

The seeds can be started indoors up to three weeks before planting in the garden. 21 C are required. When to Plant Watermelons In cool climates with short growing seasons start seeds indoors 2 to 3 weeks before your last frost date.

Plant your annual flowers and fruit and vegetables that bear crops above ground such as corn tomatoes watermelon and zucchini during the waxing of the Moonfrom the day the Moon is new to the day it is full. Compatible with can grow beside. This will give you a small jump on the growing season.

More tolerant to cold and matures in around 70 days. Blacktail Mountain produces 6- to 12-pound red-flesh fruit with dark green skin. To germinate watermelon seeds soil temperatures of at least 70 F.

Plant the seeds in hills. Seasonal Seed Planting Watermelon seeds should be planted outdoors in the spring well after all threats of frost have passed. Show Fin Space plants.

60 – 75 cm apart Harvest in 12-17 weeks. Early to mid-May is a good time but if youre in the south you may be able to plant even earlier. Plant groups of six to eight seeds at a depth of 1 to 1½ inches.

Sow seed at a depth approximately three times the diameter of the seed. Therefore its best to wait to plant until after the last frost. Plan to transplant seedlings into the garden about 2 weeks after that date.

Time to Harvest The time it takes for a watermelon to mature can be anywhere from 65 to 90 days after planting. Stagger plantings in the long growing season of the southern zones to enjoy watermelon for a longer period. Watermelon transplants in peat cups or plastic trays can be used but they must be small not yet vining to avoid plant injury.

Black plastic mulch can increase the soil temperature giving melons an earlier start on growth. Use transplants with seedless melons because the seed is small expensive and slow to germinate. Inthis episode we disc.

Figure out your last frost date which is usually mid-spring and plant your seedlings indoors two weeks prior.

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