When Do You Pick Cantaloupe

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A ripe cantaloupe has a yellow tan or cream-colored rind. If you feel the seeds are rattling around in there that means the cantaloupe is ripe.

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How to Determine Ripeness.

When do you pick cantaloupe. The first year I grew them I didnt know how to tell when the melons were ripe so I kept giving the biggest. For cut wedges of cantaloupe cover the surfaces and refrigerate for up. If its too tough it needs a few more days to ripen but if its too soft its past its prime.

Muskmelons and watermelons are related to the squash though they differ because theyre very sweet and juicy. The cantaloupe stem has the ability to give you a better insight into the quality of the fruit youre selecting. Let a not-quite-ready cantaloupe ripen at room temperature for up to two days keeping it in a closed paper bag will speed up the process.

A good cantaloupe should feel heavy. This is covered with a webbed pattern which has some areas that are more pronounced and raised off the surface. Because scent and feel are the two best indicators of a.

The fruit should be. Harvest melon when. If you find any soft or squishy spots thats usually a sign of rotting.

Press down on the stem end it should have just a bit of give. How to pick a cantaloupe. Keep in mind that there are European cantaloupes and US cantaloupes.

As the fruit mature the surface netting becomes a tan-ishbrown color and the skin right below the netting starts to yellow. When cantaloupe are immature they will be green. If you detect a sweet aroma it just may be time to harvest.

Cantaloupe or muskmelon is a vine plant that grows best in warm sunny locations. Give the fruit a good shake too. Lets start with sight.

Ive been growing cantaloupes for about 5 years. When picking out the perfect cantaloupe you want to use your senses. When to Harvest Cantaloupe This sun-loving fruit takes about 65-90 days from germination to reach maturity depending on the variety and when you consider the size and complexity of a melon thats impressive.

Choose the one that is the heaviest. How to Pick a Cantaloupe Color When picking out the perfect cantaloupe you want to use your senses. Refrigerate a whole ripe melon for up to five days.

These cantaloupe cultivars are non-slip so you cannot tell when they are ready to harvest by looking at the slip to see if all of the vine was removed. Take a Peek at the Stem End of the Cantaloupe. Look for a crack in the stem where it attaches to the fruit.

Muskmelons cantaloupe are in the mid-October season if you live in a country with a warm climate. How and When to Harvest Cantaloupes When rinds begin to change from green to tan or yellow the melon is typically ripe enough to pick. Gently press the blossom end.

Compare the weight of at least a few melons. You should feel a bit of give. When to harvest or pick cantaloupeGinjas Favorite Lawn ProductsAs an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Instead for the non-slip cultivars the harvesters can tell when they are. Tug the melon from the vine. The color of the.

Make sure to touch the outside rind of the cantaloupe to feel for raised edges on the webbing. Lets start with sight. There are a few key indicators that will help you to know when a cantaloupe is ready to harvest.

How to Prune Cantaloupe Vines. This indicates that your melon is ripe and ready to be eaten. Look at the color of.

This is a sign of ripeness as well. Be careful not to. If it slips off easily its.

Harvesting Cantaloupe Be sure the melons are fully ripe by examining them thoroughly starting at about day 70 after planting. The more leaves that are. This is one time when you have full permission to touch and even sniff the fruit at the grocery store.

Kneel down and sniff the melon.

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