What To Plant In A Butterfly Garden

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A favorite of monarch butterflies this perennial plant has a three foot tall stem large narrow five inch leaves and a five inch flower cluster. These plants are not the same.

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Plant Diversity in the garden results from choosing plants of different types such as shrubs trees perennials and even vines.

What to plant in a butterfly garden. 24 rows Plants such as yellow sunflower pink Joe-Pye weed purple coneflower and purple verbena yellow. Adding a butterfly habitat to your garden is easy. Dont fill your garden with exotic plants.

If you want to have a successful butterfly garden in Florida you must also think about having both nectar and host plants but also provide a water. It also tolerates clay soil well and is covered with monarch caterpillars during the summer. So narrow your selections to the ones that benefit the greatest number of larva.

Most flowers that attract butterflies and moths will feed a wide range of species. Cheerful colorful sunflowers attract both bees and butterflies to the garden. You will find that there is plenty of variety when it comes to finding plants for your garden.

A few common vegetables also serve as caterpillar host plants. Plant flowers that attract butterflies and provide nectar and provide host plants where the adults can lay their eggs. Sedum has thick succulent leaves that withstand drought and rainy weather.

A butterfly-friendly garden contains both adult nectar plants and caterpillar host plants. Consult your local Cooperative Extension Service for suggestions on native plants. 7 hours agoMajor components of a butterfly garden are a food source for both the adult and caterpillar stage shelter a water source a pesticide free zone and healthy plants with right plant right place.

Bottlebrush Firebush Milkweed and Lantana are some of the more common plants that attract butterflies to a Florida garden. Your butterfly garden can feature plants that attract butterflies plants that feed caterpillars or plants that do both such as milkweed. Others that are a little showier include Queen Annes lace false indigo passionflower asters and various kinds of.

Some good perennials that will serve as nectar sources include black-eyed Susan blazing star Liatris butterfly bush coneflower New England aster and phlox. Species with clustered blooms such as phlox offer several sips in one swoop for butterflies such as this Monarch. Try to find plants that are specifically intended for attracting butterflies in your region.

As an added bonus butterfly gardens often. You will want to include nectar producing flowers to bring the butterflies into your yard and some plants that butterfly larvae will feed on. Hollyhocks a favorite for cottage gardens because of their loose carefree look and beautiful large blooms that attract bees and butterflies.

While some species prefer some plants over others butterflies will often feed on any nectar-producing plants especially those with brightly-colored flowers. Host plants that feed several kinds of butterfly larva are parsley milkweed and fennel. Some of the best include alyssum butterfly bush cornflower cosmos purple coneflower globe amaranth heliotrope larkspur milkweed nicotiana pentas salvia sunflower Mexican sunflower and zinnia.

Some annual plants for butterflies include alyssum ageratum gomphrena heliotrope lantana pentas salvia Verbena bonariensis and zinnia. Many butterfly gardeners plant extra vegetables enough for them and their caterpillars. Milkweed attracts monarch butterflies and is the only food monarch caterpillars can eat.

It is important to point out that you will need host plants food source for the larva and nectar plants food source for the adult butterfly. Plant Both Caterpillar and Butterfly Food Often the flowering plants that feed the adult moths and butterflies are different from the plants that feed caterpillars. For a butterfly garden the gardener must plant both.

In choosing plants that grow to different heights with a variety of flower shapes and colors that have different bloom times you will be creating a garden that is attractive to a wide range of butterflies.

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