What To Do With Lavender

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Appropriate deadheading and pruning of lavender involve the elimination of faded leaves from the plant and bring about higher and improved blossom making. The action of lavender can be enhanced by the addition of dried hops to make a lavender and hop pillow.

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Just remember that a little goes a long way.

What to do with lavender. Soothing chamomile also combines well with lavender and has a pleasant apple-like fragrance. Mini Blueberry-Lavender Cornmeal Cream Tarts Buttery cornmeal crusts rich lavender-vanilla whipped cream juicy summer blueberries — is your mouth watering too. Try keeping a relaxing lavender bag by your pillow for a good nights sleep.

What can you do with fresh cut lavender. Do not use different formulations of lavender such as tablets liquids and others at the same time unless specifically directed to do so by a health care professional. For some lavenders midseason lavenders like English lavender August is the best month for deadheading.

Pruning woody lavender plants is the key to rejuvenating them. From soaps to scones to sprays we rounded up several lovely ways to put your lavender to good use. Whether youre using it as a garnish or a main ingredient lavender lends a subtle floral flavor to sweet or savory dishes.

You could use some ideas. Here are the best Lavender companion plants to grow now. For restorative pruning be sure to sterilize the pruners by soaking them in a solution of water and denatured alcohol to prevent disease spread.

Creative Lavender Uses Fresh Lavender Uses. Lavender will do well in both garden beds and in pots as long as its planted in a sunny location and the soil has good drainage. Using different formulations together increases the risk of an overdose.

In the spring as soon as the lavender plant starts to grow cut the plant about 15 centimeters but certainly above a new sprout or branch. Lavender plants grow best if you prune them twice a year in the spring after the frost and in the autumn. Let me count the ways.

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Add a few species of lavender so you have varieties that bloom at different times. See my post about ways to relax with lavender. To enjoy the fragrance of lavender year-round dry and preserve this beloved herb by hanging small bunches upside down in a dark dry room until the moisture has evaporated.

Rock gardens are perfect. Its also important that the tool blades are sharp. Lavender prefers a sunny spot and likes to be spoiled with a little extra chalk a few times a year.

A classic and age old addition to soaps and household products dried lavender will last for years. As with any fresh ingredient. Heres what to do with woody lavender plants.

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