What Oil Keeps Mosquitoes Away

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The citrus scent of lemon eucalyptus can keep many insects including mosquitoes at bay. First off we wanted to go over a brief list of the essential oils that can be used and what insect they work best for in case mosquitoes arent your only problem this summer.

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Though the scent of peppermint is unmistakable its also not completely overwhelming.

What oil keeps mosquitoes away. Are essential oils safe to use on skin. Essential Oils That Repel Insects Mosquitoes. Citronella peppermint lemon eucalyptus basil clove thyme lemongrass geranium and lavender.

The best choices to repel mosquitoes are basil lavender mint rosemary lemongrass lemon balm and lemon thyme TreeHugger reports. This is another oil. Tea tree oil lemon eucalyptus oil and cedar oil are three of the tree-based essential oils commonly prescribed for their supposed mosquito blocking capabilities.

Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus is the synthesized oil we like best for repelling mosquitoes. These are not as effective as synthesized plant oils so they have to be reapplied often. Natural plant-based oils such as cedar citronella geranium lemongrass and peppermint will repel mosquitos.

When you are finished using the candle for the day blow out the flame and give the candle a bit of time to cool down. Its a good choice for people who prefer an essential oil that doesnt have a strong scent. A mixture of cedar wood oil diluted with water can be sprayed on your lawn and shrubs to repel insects like fleas and mosquitoes.

The scent of the burning citronella oil will keep mosquitos at bay so you can enjoy your time outside. Hope for wind or create your own. When used as an essential oil it is remarkably effective for short periods and is by far the most effective of all the oils on this list.

But do these essential oils really work when it comes to keeping mosquitos at bay. Peppermint is an essential oil that works well as a natural repellent for mosquitoes. Then you can screw the mason jar.

If youd like to add a pop of color and also keep the mosquitoes away plant marigolds or common lantanas both of which also repel mosquitoes. We like these amber glass spray bottles Not only does it keep pests away but it can nix their eggs too.

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