What Kind Of Plant Keeps Mosquitoes Away

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It is this same cat-alluring compound that keeps mosquitoes away and makes it one of the most effective plants for mosquito control. It is perfect for growing around a porch.

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Its stems leaves and flowers all contain the aromatic oil that repels bugs of all kinds.

What kind of plant keeps mosquitoes away. The flowers themselves are beautiful and can make a great border or addition to any flower bed. Alliums are said to keep not only mosquitoes away but also other insects such as aphids carrot flies and cabbage worms. A bright hardy annual plant marigolds are a great choice for repelling mosquitoes.

When it comes to mosquito repelling plants Citronella Grass is the most popular. Bee Balms strong incense-like odour works by confusing mosquitoes. Keep your plans itch-free and check out these mosquito-repelling plants that will keep those annoying little insects away.

Citronella plants are used in many pest repellents. The same plants that drive your cat to distraction can simultaneously protect Felix from mosquito bites. 10 Powerful Medicinal Plants From Around The World.

Marigolds are easy plants to grow but they also keep away lots of different insects. Many plants have flowers for that contain nectar therefore you can expect a lot of insects around them such as bees and mosquitoes. Marigolds Marigold plants and leaves contain pyrethrum an insecticidal compound used in bug repellents.

The scent from various types of marigolds repels aphids mosquitoes and even rabbits. Flowers like marigolds and calendula along with herbs like rosemary mint and lemongrass can also keep biting insects away from the yard. When purchasing a citronella plant for mosquito control you must buy Cybopogon nardus or Citronella.

Felines are drawn by the naturally occurring chemical nepetalactone that catnip produces. It keeps away both mosquitoes and flies. Put these plants in pots and place them near the edges of your patio and doors to prevent.

However if you do have cats this might not be the best option for you. Marigolds contain Pyrethrum an ingredient found in many insect repellents and they have a unique aroma which bugs find repulsive. It can be planted in a container or seeded directly into your garden.

Citronella in grass form is perfect for repelling mosquitoes. An herb that keeps flies and mosquitos at bay Likes to be kept damp needs good drainage and enjoys lots of sun Plant in containers or in the garden All types of basil work as mosquito repellents. 17 of the Best Plants That Repel Mosquitoes Naturally 1 Citronella Grass.

Furthermore nectar-producing flowers emit carbon dioxide another known mosquito attractant. Basil is perfect at doing both. The effective annuals have an off.

12 Plants That Repel Those Pesky Mosquitoes American Beautyberry. 15 Mosquito Repelling Plants 1. Whats more they will also add to your gardens aesthetics and they prove to be of help when planted around other plants including tomatoes potatoes and carrots.

With lush green foliage and the occasional pink-purple flower the Citronella Geranium plant has a natural scent that mosquitoes hate. Youve probably heard of citronella before. This plant has a strong smell that can be used to repel wasps and bees.

Its commonly used as a wax in citronella-scented candles to repel mosquitoes and other flying bugs. As one of the most fragrant plants lavender oil can help deter a mosquito by blocking its sense of smell. Basil brings us delicious pesto sauce and tasty salads but it can also keep away mosquitoes.

This famous ground cover plant will effectively repel mosquitoes naturally. Many people plant marigolds for their bright color and tendency to survive challenging weather these plants also keep mosquitoes away with their unique smell. Their strong citrus smell is what drives mosquitoes away.

One of the best mosquito repellent plants to have in your yard is lemon thyme. Plant them near your patio or deck for the best benefit. Although there isnt much research gardeners swear by the effectiveness to keep mosquitoes and flies away.

The tiny white flowers of Callicarpa americana arent much to look at but the vibrant magenta. There are several types of basil you can grow including sweet basil and Genovese basil but both work at keeping mosquitoes at bay. These plants include.

Both easy to grow and beautiful. You can rub the crushed leaves and stems over your skin to keep the pesky insects from biting you. This plant is easy to grow and can reach heights of 5 to 6 feet but it cannot survive a frost.

Often marketed as mosquito plants in big-box stores this leafy plant is simply a geranium variety. This mosquito-repelling plant is commonly known as wild bergamot and horsemint. Click Here To See The Comments Having droves of mosquitos nibbling at your skin can ruin barbecues gardening plans and any other outdoor activities you might have scheduled.

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