What Is A Lavender Plant

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All lavenders originate in the Mediterranean region of Europe and are adapted to a specific set of conditions. Since lavender is related to many other herbs its leaves and flowers are edible fresh or dried.

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12 rows Lavender is a well-known and fragrant perennial plant with gray-green foliage upright flower.

What is a lavender plant. Lavender is an easy plant that blooms every year. You could use some ideas. The plants are widely cultivated for their essential oils which are used to scent a variety of products.

Select the Right Lavender Since not all lavenders are hardy containers provide the opportunity to grow lavender that would otherwise not be suited to your garden. In parts of California is it used in islands of commercial parking lots which attests to its toughness. Lavender species are common in herb gardens for their fragrant leaves and attractive flowers.

Here are the best Lavender companion plants to grow now. Lavender plants once established will bloom year after year attracting pollinators to your garden and producing a useful material for crafts cooking and more. In addition lavender in the garden is perfect for for example deterring snails.

Approximately 30 to 40 species of lavender blossom are observed on the planet. It is quite beautiful in look. People use lavender in many ways to promote good health and well-being.

In North America lavender is a shrubby perennial grown for its flowers and fragrance but it also serves as a landscape item for its beauty and ability to stand heat and drought. The flowering time is from June to August. The mint family also includes various shrubs and trees as lavender is partially considered a shrub.

The lavender blossom is renowned for its aromatic odor. Lavenders are low maintenance plants that live up to 15 years with the right care. Lavender is an excellent companion for many herbs vegetables and flowers.

Plant in a perennial herb bed with rosemary and sage and all three will thrive with similar care. Lavender is a bushy strong-scented perennial plant from the Mediterranean. The source of the flower is regarded to be both Arabia and Russia.

The plant is part of the mint family which has over 200 genera and more than 6000 species including herb plants such as thyme rosemary and basil. Native to the Mediterranean lavender or Lavandula is now found in a wide range of climates and several varietals which means you can find. In warmer regions its gray to green foliage stays evergreen throughout the year and the herb thrives in some of the toughest of garden conditions.

Lavender genus Lavandula genus of about 30 species of the mint family native to countries bordering the Mediterranean. Lavender is a blossom of mint species. Lavender Lavandula is a very attractive perennial which enjoys a long flowering season and is fairly easy to grow.

This herbs heritage as a Mediterranean native gives a clue about the. In order to revive lavender you have to replicate some the conditions of their native environment in your garden in particular the soil conditions. The dried flowers for example have long been used in sachets to scent chests and.

Lavender is a multipurpose plant. Snails especially hate the scent of lavender plants. Its a perennial herb thats native to the Western Mediterranean region.

Lavender Facts Lavender Plant-Lavender leaves-Lavender Oil. This is the normal Lavender the Lavendula Angustifolia. Lavender is a shrub the size varies between 40 and.

Luscious Lavender Is Low Maintenance Lavender is an undemanding plant needing only a well-drained soil and room to grow. Different types of lavender plants are hardy in different zones but most lavender is hardy in Zones 5 to 11. Heres how to plant grow and harvest lavender in the garden.

Lavender produces a pleasing aroma for us but not so pleasant to flies mosquitoes and beetles.

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