What Is A Air Plant

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Succulents like tillandsia are drought smart plants that are super easy to grow and make fantastic houseplants. If the plant is wet it does not breath therefore unless it can dry quickly at night plan on morning baths.

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Other well known epiphytes are Thanksgiving cactus Christmas cactus and Easter cactus.

What is a air plant. Air plants Tillandsia spp are epiphytes meaning that in nature they grow on other plants usually on tree branches. Air plants are a member of the epiphyte family. As the name implies air plants absorb nutrients and water from the air through scales on their leaves.

Theyre having a moment as houseplants because theyre easy to care for and dont need much light to. The name air plant is actually a bit misleading. There are over 600 different types of tillandsia or Air Plants a number that continues to grow as new species are being discovered.

In their natural habitat they derive their nutrients from the moist humid air. Air plants also known as Tillandsia do not grow in soil. Most air plants are epiphytes using their root system to attach themselves to a host.

They make great house plants because they require very little maintenance. Air plants are low maintenance members of the Bromeliad family in the genus Tillandsia. Air plants or Tillandsia are a type of flowering house and garden plant native to the southern US Mexico and Central and South America.

This is good news for crafty gardeners. Air plants are epiphytes that root themselves to the branches of trees or shrubs rather than in the soil. Air plants are epiphytic meaning they absorb moisture and nutrients through their leaves while the roots are used primarily to provide support for the plant.

They usually have strap-shape or slender triangle-shape leaves that grow in a rosette pattern with new growth appearing from the center. They actually do call for a platform to commence growing. Find out a little more about watering in this blog post.

Air plants are a variety of Epiphytes meaning they need no soil to develop. Air plants are usually tiny easy to grow and they dont need soil. This plant needs no soil to grow and gets its nourishment from the air.

It means that you can place an air plant in just about any spot in your house. Air plants absorb the Carbon Dioxide from the air at night instead of the day time. Air plants are a nickname for Tillandsia which is a genus in the Bromeliad family.

The air plant is often found in the jungles mountain tops and deserts of Central and South America and Mexico and the the southern United States in North America. Members of the Tillandsia genus are so called not because they can thrive on air alone but because they require no soil at all to grow. Instead they survive by pulling nutrients from the air.

There are hundreds of species and varieties of air plants. In fact assuming that Tillandsia only need air to survive is one of.

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