What Deer Like To Eat

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Types of Food Deer Eat Unlike cattle who spend most their time eating grass deer being browsers are far more selective in what they eat. You might think thorny roses would be undesirable but you dont know Bambi.

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Because deer are also seasonal feeders a large part of their diet becomes unavailable or very difficult to.

What deer like to eat. However if you get the right or wrong azalea plant deer will eat blooms bulbs and the softwood. Deer also love lettuce leafy greens pears spinach turnip cauliflower carrot tops kohlrabi peas strawberries plums sweet potatoes and. These are areas where you grow the foods they are particularly drawn to like grass nuts alfalfa fungi fruit corn apples clover leaves sedges and sumac foliage.

The Big Three Hostas daylilies and roses. Corn has long been a favored bait for deer and its primarily used in dedicated feeders as scattering it on. In the summer months whitetail deer and other species of deer eat mostly grass nuts fungi trees and foliage.

The red chestnut tree Aesculus x carnea is a cross between the red buckeye tree and Aesculus hippocastanumThe latter is known to have toxic properties which may account for why deer tend not to eat this plant. Summersweet Clethra alnifolia 3. The food which deer like to eat the most is cultivated vegetables grown in your yard like Green Beans potatoes wheat oats corn soybeans mushrooms cabbage apples berries etc.

It is possible to feed a herd naturally using homemade food plots. They will scarf down every one they see even when not offered a suitable wine pairing. 7 of the Best Deer Baits 1 Apples.

In a very broad sense deer are herbivores and primary eaters. To a deer these are fresh-caught Maine lobster served with melted Irish butter. The 5 foods that deer love to eat the most.

Various fruits and flowers are also made up most of the diet of deer. Cornus Kousa Andrea Kamal Getty Images Red chestnut tree. I tend to believe that they vary by geographical area.

What do deer like to eat. Fruits and Vegetables Deer Love If you grow beets cabbage apples berries beans or broccoli in your garden deer will want to stay and feast. At the time of scarcity they eat twigs bushes fallen leaves and barks even poison ivy.

They do of course eat grass along with leaves shoots of trees and woody plants. As fall approaches whitetails must find and consume large quantities of carbohydrate rich foods such as acorns chestnuts apples and pears. Apples are a great way to get your whitetails near your stand and theyre particularly favored by bow.

Fruit mushrooms and berries are eaten too depending on the time of year. Mid and late summer sees a shift in what deer eat to 2 nd choice browse plants and early fruits such as grapes and berries. Quite a few cutting flower favorites seem to fit the deer resistant annuals category such as zinnia Shirley poppy larkspur sunflower tall ageratum and Verbena bonariensis which makes having a cutting garden a strong possibility even when youre wrestling with deer visiting your yard.

8 Azaleas Its hit or miss with the type of azalea that deer prefer. While many deer eat yew shrubs the Japanese plum yew Cephalotaxus harringtonia growing zones 6 through 9 is an exception. As herbivores deer usually go for forbs but also love to feed on fruits and nuts or even leaves and twigs.

Fruit apples and berries Farm crops corn soybeans and rye Acorns Clovers Potatoes. This means they like to eat plants nuts and fruits whenever available emphasis on the last part. Chestnuts were a.

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