Types Of Lily Common Names

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Experiment with other lily genus that are just as delightful as true lilies and with time youll be. Anastasia Orienpet Lilies.

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Common Types of Hostas.

Types of lily common names. Altari Orienpet Lilies. Here are 14 of the best lilies to grow in your garden. They are truly eye-catching with a delicate look and a sweet fragrance.

The flowers were first cultivated as ornamental plants in the 18th century. Our tour though each lily division will introduce to some of the classic pure white lilies but there are also many colored lilies in gorgeous shades of yellow orange pink purple and red. Get to know the Amaryllis flowers bulbous flowering plants also known as the Naked Lily and its many different varieties.

However be aware that there are plants outside the Lilium genus commonly called lilies that are intensely poisonous to humans including calla lily peace lily lily of the valley and belladonna lily. This section includes many oriental lilies and the Golden Rayed lily is by far among the most popular ones. While these are not the easiest lily to grow they have lovely curled-back petals and look as though they might belong in a fairy garden.

Longiflorum is commonly called Easter Lily and its hybrids usually share the pure white trumpet-shaped flowers. Division 6 lilies are Trumpet and Aurelian Hybrids. Types of Lilies.

It is native to South Africa and has 50 species. Richards Flickr CC BY-SA 20 Asiatic lilies are known for large beautiful flowers. Arabian Knight Martagon Lily.

The Amaryllis is a monocot plant from the Hippeastrum family. 40 Types of Lilies with Pictures. 4 rows E Red Lily Flower Types.

They like full sun and in mid to late summer produce stunning trumpet-shaped blossoms. They have colossal blooms in soft colors that are often accented by freckles stripes or spots on the petals. African Queen Trumpet Lilies.

This compact variety showcases rich. Wild Lilies Also Known As Division 9. Best Types of Peace Lily 1.

Lilium canadense also known as the wild yellow-lily or meadow lily because its often found there has downward-facing flowers that are yellow on the outside with a contrasting maroonish coloring on the inside. 100 Different Types of Lilies. Belladonna Orienpet Lily.

These exquisite trumpet-shaped flowers are apricot-orange in color and highly fragrant. Asiatic Hybrid Lily by F. The earliest bloomers cold-hardy Asiatic hybrids are the easiest to grow and boast the broadest color range.

Oriental lilies like Asiatic lilies are one of the most popular ornamental varieties of lilies. The leaves of this hosta change colors throughout the season. The plant displays shiny dark green leaves with pure white blooms.

The USA sells more than 10 million bulbs of amaryllis per year but South Africa and Holland remain the. Also called the Lipstick Lily or the Siberian Coral Lily this flower has scarlet-colored 2-inch-wide petals and can grow up to 30 blossoms per stem. Oriental Varieties of Lilies One of the sections in which lilies are classifiedis calledArchelirion.

These common lily varieties are not frost hardy and should be grown in pots in cool climates. Lilies can turn your garden into your very own Camelot where the many hybrids of the Lilium genus are a rich inclusion. Golden AppleCarnic Lily Lilium carniolicum Deriving its name.

Probably the largest peace lily variety available offers immense tropical leaves. The heart-shaped wavy leaves of this plant are a sight to behold in any garden landscape. 01 of 14 Stargazer Lily Lilium Stargazer.

Some common names for lilies include the Easter lily Japanese lily Tiger lily Canada lily Michigan lily Wood lily and Orange lily.

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