Tropical Plants For Zone 6

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Its a jungle out there. 56 tall by 3036 wide USDA hardiness Zones.

Dinner Plate Size Blooms Give Hardy Hibiscus A Breathtaking Quality From July To September It Performs Best When Soil Stays Con Hardy Hibiscus Plants Hibiscus

Is called the Windmill Palm.

Tropical plants for zone 6. Hardy Tropical Plants You Can Grow. A perfect accent to the lush deep olive green tropical foliage. Height and Drama of Tropical Plants.

Plant in moist well-drained soil. Both are tender plants and commonly used in annual hanging baskets in the North. Plante Alocasia Alocasia Plant Tropical Garden Tropical Plants Exotic Plants Hibiscus Garden Purple Plants Tropical Leaves Flowers.

Both ivy geraniums and Lantana come in a variety of colors and should be grown in full sun. Herbs to Grow in Zone 6. Due to warm springs herbs that reseed themselves are often popular Zone 6 choices.

Colocasia Bikini-tini PPAF Size. Foolproof Winter-Hardy Tropical Plants. Hardy down to zone 7 it can be.

These tropical and temperature beauties can thrive in areas as low as zone 6. Moist but well drained to get established once established it is very drought tolerant. If you want a short plant for shade miniature coleus is a great choice reaching just a few inches tall.

Because Zone 6 features distinct seasons of spring summer and fall flowers are available and will bloom for several months. Tender and treated as an annual in the North it is a popular foliage plant. Banana is one of the first plants most of us conjure to mind when we envision the tropical look.

These exotic plants make your temperate garden resemble a tropical paradise. The most cold hardy palm grown in the US. Average garden soil well drained.

By contrast prickly pear cactus looks like it. More Information About Tropical Looking Plants. Yucca rostrata trunking yucca can be found at plant delights.

These zone 5 tropical looking plants are great choice for shady areas. Cold Hardy tropical plants including Curcuma Hidden Cone Ginger Canna Canna Lilies Musa Banana Hedychium Ginger Lilies and more. Hardy Tropicals with Color and Scent.

Flowers to Grow in Zone 6. Jelena witch hazel Hamamelis x intermedia Jelena This witch hazel is a hardy deciduous shrub that produces reddish-orange foliage in autumn and spider-shaped coppery blooms in late winter. While most are plain green look for types with a mottling of dark red or white edges for extra interest.

Joegee Bucyrus OH Zone 6a Feb 02 2007. Place the plant in the center of a garden bed or at the back of a garden against a fence for tropical height. This fellow in Georgia is pushing zones.

With its long and broad leafy foliage it is a great plant to create a tropical feel in the garden. From 1 to 15 feet depending on type. Alocasia Nigra – shiny metallic black leaves — moderately hardy.

Agave parryi hardy century plant also at pdn.

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