Soil For Citrus Trees In Containers

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In spring when the sap is restarted enrich the soil of your citrus fruit with a little organic fertilizer special for citrus or tomatoes rich in potash. Loam or sandy loamy type of garden soil is best for citrus trees.

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Citrus trees in containers are particular about water which is also essential for fruit development.

Soil for citrus trees in containers. Mature trees need pots double that width and at least 18 to 24 inches deep. You will need to pot up the tree which means move it to a larger pot as it grows. LINKSEspoma Citrus Tone – httpsamznto2KroJNeLiquid Fertilizer – httpsamznto2WP7oQ8Soil – httpsamznto2IR1VDvMORE LINKSSupport – http.

So collect pathogen-free one gallon of loam or sandy loam soil. Consistently wet soil is bad news because citrus are susceptible to root rot. They like well-draining sandy loamy soil.

Respect the doses written on the package. Potting soil particularly formulated for succulent plants works fine for container plants. Watering a Citrus Tree.

You want your citrus trees to do well so I recommend EB Stone Citrus Palm planting mix. It contains aged fir bark lava rock sand. Hi Marlene you want a soil made for citrus trees.

What is just fine in the ground just wont work in a container. Opt for a well-draining or special citrus soil generally rich in peat and repot in this mixture. Otherwise mix regular house-plant potting soil half-and-half with regular cactus soil as citrus like good drainage.

You should water your tree. This gives roots growing room and prevents tippy top-heavy trees. Images of potted Mediterranean citrus can steer you toward big pots but start small instead.

Citrus trees need a pot that is at least 18 inches tall and wide. Citrus trees like a soil pH between 55 and 70. Once confined in a container most garden soils are too dense and water drains too slowly.

Most container citrus trees produce too many fruit for the size of the tree. However dont allow roots to dry out completely. Cool weather slows growth so reduce watering frequency during winter.

Soils generally stay wet longer in plastic metal and ceramic containers than in wood or clay containers which permit water evaporation through the sides. Provide consistent soil moisture keeping it just a bit on the dry side. PH Citrus trees prefer to grow in highly acidic soil pH of 55-65.

Extra soil around trees complicates moisture control so work your way up in pot size as trees grow. If the soil isnt acidic enough citrus trees wont be able to proper absorb nutrients. Finally it must contain adequate nutrients for the good and healthy growth of the citrus tree.

Prepare 1-gallon mixture perlites sand and worm castings mix in equal ratio and add the mixture into the soil. Youll need to gently root-prune and re-pot every 3-5 years or so. Never use ordinary garden soil even good soil for container citrus.

It must also allow efficient aeration of the roots for good growth. Garden soil is too dense and could have fungus microbes seeds bugs or other critters that will damage your plants. It must encourage proper drainage to prevent root rot.

For a summary you must make sure that your potting soil meets three basic needs. Your key lime tree will need 28 or larger in diameter pot as it gets larger. Take a big bowl or a container and place the soil into it.

With that in mind acid-based fertilizers are a better choice especially when coupled with an acidic soil mixture. Whether you grow your citrus tree in a container outdoors in the summer and indoors in the winter or indoors year-round the plant needs the same well-draining soil as a plant in the ground and the container needs numerous drainage holes. Fill the pot completely with soil.

Select a pot with thick walls. Growing Citrus in Containers Choosing the Right Pot. For small trees a 12-inch-diameter container what nurseries call a five-gallon pot is perfect for starters.

Whatever you do do not use garden soil which will not drain properly and can carry root diseases. Do not put gravel or other things in the bottom just a cover for the drain hole. Use a premixed sterile potting soil designed for container plants.

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