Small Blue Flower Ground Cover

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Plant in full sun or partial shade. This drought-tolerant plant can also be grown in full sun.

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With full sun this green herb will grow small flowers in summer attracting plenty of.

Small blue flower ground cover. Veronica prostrata is a blue flowering ground cover that grows well in sunny conditions The Prostrate Speedwell Veronica prostrata is a variety of the Veronica species that provide blue ground cover in the summer. Standing just 8 to 10 inches tall and producing spires of blue-purple flowers each spring this evergreen groundcover is showy and colorful even when it isnt in bloom. Full sun to partial shade.

An annual sweet alyssum is easy to grow from seed and reseeds itself for easy reappearance each year. This adorable little flower with bell-shaped blooms is sure to be a favorite in any garden. Plant Hardiness Zones 4-10.

You might not think of oregano as a ground cover but this herb forms dense clumps of scented foliage. It is an easy-to-grow drought- deer- and rabbit-resistant plant with small white flowers in early spring. Sometimes called English Chamomile Russian Chamomile is a creeping style ground cover herb that forms a mat along flower beds.

Spike speedwell often called royal candles is a clumping perennial suitable for zones 3 to 8. Liriope Liriope spicata LeoleobobeoPixabay. This rapidly-spreading ground cover plant features whorls of blue flower springs that bloom against shiny dark green leaves during mid to late spring.

Bloom time is June through August. Periwinkle is grown most often as a ground cover. Grows in zones 3-9.

Also known as bluewings or clown flowers this annual ground cover produces trumpet-shaped blooms in purple white yellow and pink hues. 12 to 24 Pachysandra is a low growing ground cover that is native to the North Eastern United States and spreads by rhizomes in full shade. Its narrow green leaves form a base for tall spikes comprised of tiny blossoms in shades of purple blue pink or white.

A bushy plant with small elegant blue flowers it can grow in almost all types of well-drained soils. The abundant purple flowers of Mazus reptans also known as creeping blue bloom in mid-spring and remain through early summer. Chamomile grows well in zones three through nine.

Ajuga is an excellent ground cover for choking out garden weeds and will do well in zones 3-9. This low-growing type of perennial plant is described as a semi-evergreen that grows well in sunny conditions. Also known as the lilyturf plant some gardeners treat it as an ornamental grass even though it is actually a type of lily.

While it can grow in both white and purpleblue varieties blue is the most common. For those with shady patches in need of a flowering ground cover liriope Liriope spicata can be grown in partial shade. Sedges are grown in groups or masses as a lawn substitute in naturalized areas perennial borders and habitat restoration.

Periwinkle This short bush forms pretty and fragrant blue flowers that have the color of the sky and the sea. Early spring through summer. The small bluish-green hairy foliage also adds texture to the ground cover.

Can cause death if ingested. Pea flowers 38 are blue-violet white arranged in whorls in short thick conelike racemes. Once established this plant needs little care as it is drought resistant.

Many people who grow Ajuga are more focused on the shimmering foliage than the actual petals. Hardy to -40 degrees F bugleweed creeps around the garden spreading to form a thick mat. Low-growing up to 10 inches high sweet alyssum thrives in USDA zones 5 through 9.

Can be grown along with other small-flowered plants like buttercups and iceplants. It is often used as a ground cover due to its relatively low height and quickly spread and is a very good option to be used as a foundation cover for taller plants. The leaves are light green and oval-shaped.

Bellflowers make a perfect ground cover plant and also grow well in window boxes. Foliage can be evergreen or deciduous and colors range from green brownrust golden blue to variegated. Sedges have triangular grass-like stems and panicles of short flower spikes.

Tulbaghia violacea With its edible garlic-flavored purple flowers and grass-like blue-grey foliage this tough and low-maintenance ground cover. The feathery green leaves pair with small flowers that bear a striking resemblance to daisies as they have white petals surrounding a yellow center.

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