Should Lavender Be Cut Back

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Shape your plant as desired cutting into green growth about 1 to 3 inches below the. You need to cut right down into the brown part where little lavender shoots can just been seen.

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The least hardy of the garden lavenders which means they need a bit more of a gentle touch.

Should lavender be cut back. Ideally pruning lavender in spring and fall is a great idea if you can squeeze that into your garden chore schedule. Trimming the shrub keeps the plant neat as well as encouraging the plant to grow more vigorously and in a more compact form. When to cut back lavender Your lavender may be looking a little untidy or frost-damaged after the long winter.

The answer youll be relieved to know is no. Cut lavender stems back after they finish flowering for the first time to encourage a second flush of blooms. I have to replace my Spanish lavender every five years.

The foliage can be trimmed at the start of spring to make it look neat and tidy if. Cut back lavender just above the new leaves. The plant cannot produce new growth from the woody parts.

Eventually as the lilac shrub ages it will become too woody to be attractive. This is a basic fact that makes it difficult to simply cut it short since. If you dont prune the lavender it will grow misshapen leggy and split at the base as the branches get longer and heavier.

While some plants can go without pruning lavender likely will refuse to flower next summer if you dont. Lavender can be cut back to about two-thirds of their original size. Instead work slowly trimming back each branch but never cutting into the brown wood.

Wipe down the blades of your pruning shears with rubbing alcohol or bleach. But the lavender specialists at Downderry say that English lavender needs hard pruning. Lavender should be cut back in the spring mainly to remove any branches that were damaged or died during harsh winter conditions.

Once this happens its almost impossible to save the plant. Once your lavender plant has had one year to establish itself youll need to prune it once a year. The best time for when to prune lavender is in the spring just as the new growth is starting to come in.

Try to avoid cutting back to old wood as the lavender may never recover. If you have lavender plants that were not pruned back last fall and if you are located in Western Washington there is still time to prune your lavender back for the spring. When youre pruning lavender plants that are established aim to remove at least one-third of all growth.

Cut off any dead branches You can cut any dead branches all the way down to get rid of them. Cut back the rest of the lavender so that approximately 1 to 2 inches of green stem remain above woody brown stems. Pruning lavender is all about ensuring that this perennial plant thrives year after year.

With older plants you can cut back to a point thats three leaf pairs above the woody stem area. Do not cut them back hard as with other kinds of lavenders it can kill them. Lavender needs to be pruned back every year to keep the plant base compact and healthy and give you the chance to shape it to a nice mound.

Give them a trim after the first flush of flowers has faded. Old lavender has trouble growing shoots Lavender will not grow back from old wood. Read on for tips on springtime lavender pruning.

Never cut lavender back to wood below all of the growth because lavender will not grow back from old wood. When pruning lavender its important to start out with a sharp clean set of pruning shears. How to Prune Lavender.

Cut it back to 9 high. When youre pruning woody lavender plants its also a good idea not to prune all of the plant at the same time. 6 Cut or pinch off any new flowering buds or flowers that begin to develop after.

Cutting back the old Lavender flower stems can be done anytime after flowering to remove the old flower stems and improve the plants appearance. Just remember to always prune lavender above the leaves. Never cut them back hoping to stimulate new growth.

You should cut an inch or two into the green leafy growth to give the plant a more compact shape and encourage dense growth. Shape the plant into a slightly mounded cushion. Dont be frightened to cut it back to 9 just after flowering advises Downderry Lavender.

Deadhead for the rest of the season.

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