Send Companions To Home Plate

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After installing the mod youll receive two items in the AID section of your inventory – Send Companion Home and Send Companion to Home. Or rather its a highly modified settlement with no food or.

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Id use it more if it was treated like a settlement with supply lines and the ability to send companions there.

Send companions to home plate. You can build all available items there. So it seems like you cant make for example Danse return to the Prydwen or PiperValentine return to Diamond City once youve had them sent to one of your settlements even once. I tried sending settlers to home plate and they just stood there.

I already sent Piper back to my settlement before realising I could have tabbed out of that location selection to send her home. All it is really is a house in a settlement You cant. You can send settlerscompanions to Home Plate as well as recruit them using the Recruitment Station Now has a map marker and will show your active supply lines.

The rotten wooden floor has been made scrappable if you want to. Because they use the same menu as settlers to get sent places and home plate isnt a settlement. Ive done nothing with my home plate except.

I just want to send my companions to home plate. Page 1 of 2 – Make Home Plate Available for Trade and Companions – posted in Fallout 4 Mod Requests. You cant even take a companion in there.

You can create supply lines and send companions to Home Plate. The resources cannot be linked by supply lines to other settlements. We need a simple mod that will allow Home Plate in Diamond.

These homes are considered owned by the player character upon meeting a certain condition such as a payment or. Despite having ownership of the house taking items. Now it just sends her to the last.

Home Plate comes with pre-installed lighting. This way Piper can be close to her sister and Valentine is near his office. So Sanctuary Hills is getting a bit crowded so i decided to set up a cool little club house in diamond city to store my companions out of the way.

No the Home Plate is a player home only and not a settlement. This page lists all player character housing in Fallout 4. Home Plate is a settlement-lite in that you cant set up workbenches or supply lines so its really just somewhere you can store youre stuff without.

Companion homes arent on the where to send dismissed companion list and cancelling out of the list just sends them to the LAST place youve had them go. I can use cheat to spawn a settler but I dont like using too many cheats that.

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