Red Flowering Ground Cover Plants

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When planting outdoors put in an area with equal amounts of perlite peat and soil. This plant is perfect for ground cover as it is a spreading type of flowering plant.

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Deadnettle Lamium maculatum is a flowering type of low growing plant that thrives well in the shade.

Red flowering ground cover plants. You can use this sun-loving ground cover for edging pathways or as an ornamental plant in a rock garden. The plant in the picture is the Lamium maculatum cultivar. Just dont forget to check the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map before adding any of these plants to your outdoor space.

These low-maintenance ground covers. Dragons Blood stonecrop Sedum spurium. Masses of tiny star-shaped flowers adorn this quick-growing succulent foliage ground cover.

Our picks are comprehensive thoughtful and most of all beautifuland each of these ground cover plants are proven winners for small backyards and English gardens alike. Red Creeping Phlox is a carefree wonder that quickly blankets even tough problem areas with dense green foliage and thousands of colorful blooms. Though it grows a bit taller than most groundcovers rock cotoneaster produces pretty red berries and white flowers along its arching stems.

Red-flowering wild ginger is hardy in USDA plant zones 6a to 10b while crossvine is hardy in zones 6a to 9b. European wild ginger and wild ginger Asarum canadense are two fascinating ground cover plants with round heart-shaped leaves on prostrate stems that creep beside the ground. Chenille is a plant that has fuzzy red flowers that will stand out as a ground cover.

Its suitable for zones 3 to 8 and reaches a height of about 12 inches. Heathers are low growing evergreen shrubs that make excellent ground cover plants. Thyme generally doesnt mind poor soil though it prefers good drainage.

Callunas flower from late summer through to winter while ericas flower from winter to spring. It will do best in full to partial sun but it can handle a bit of shade as well. The flowers range in colour from white pink purple and red.

Brass buttons have low growth with the creeping plant only reaching 2 5 cm in height. Plant at the front of a sunny border for. Creeping thyme also known as mother of thyme or wild thyme is a creeping woody-stemmed perennial that is a favorite plant to use for a low-maintenance ground cover serving as a filler between garden stepping stones.

In June and July it produces inconspicuous blooms. There are two main types. You love beautiful gardens.

Acanadense has hairy foliage and stems whereas A. Growing only about 3 inches tall this plant spreads over time crowding out weeds and thus reducing maintenance further. Europium features glossy foliage and stems.

In warmer climates this plant is evergreen. The chameleon plant is also notable for smelling like diesel fuel. Outstanding as a hardy ground cover or as a low-growing accent to taller perennials.

If the plant becomes woody give it a substantial pruning to rejuvenate growth. An example is the so-called red thyme though its flower color is really more of a pink or lavender. 20 rows 4 Ground Covers With Red and Orange Flowers.

Candytuft Iberis sempervirens Candytuft Iberis sempervirens is a woody mounding perennial that likes full sun and well-drained soil and tolerates drought. Height 4 – 6 inches. It looks incredible cascading down a wall and the more sun it gets the redder the blooms will be.

Hens and Chicks Sempervivum tectorum. Sedum is good for erosion control on banks and tolerates dry soil conditions with ease. This tough perennial has a distinctive red bronze cream or yellow border around its heart-shaped green leaves.

Some types of thyme Thymus ground cover flower profusely albeit minutely. Hens and chicks are hardy succulent plants that are prized for both their drought tolerance and cold hardiness. If you live in zones 5a to 10b you can grow red roses as a ground cover.

Brass Buttons Leptinella squalida is a type of flowering spreading plant for covering the ground especially in sunny areas of your garden. Native to heaths and moorlands they do best in acidic soil in a sunny spot. Deadnettle is a flowering ground cover plant for shade with many cultivars.

Add these ground cover plants and flowers to your garden to fix your yards trouble spots whether its grass that wont grow erosion problems or boring beds.

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