Popular Ground Cover For Florida Weather

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Sometimes called Pinks because the petals look like. Because of our special weather considerations in the Tampa region of central Florida not every variety of ground cover will work optimally.

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For a different look altogether in a salt-tolerant ground cover try wall germander 5 to 9.

Popular ground cover for florida weather. The term ground cover refers to the many plants that are ideal for gardens and landscaping accents. The best part about lilyturf is the colorful fall foliage. When making a choice between Algerian and English ivy in zones 9 or 10 bear in mind the Algerian type grows more rapidly and becomes established a good bit faster.

This is a broadleaf evergreen subshrub that becomes just 1 foot tall. This glossy green plant will spread like wildfire reaching 30 wide and around 1-3 tall at most. Algerian ivy is most commonly used as a ground cover in warm climates where the lush leaves steal the show underneath trees or growing up their trunks.

Make sure you choose the right groundcover for your area and landscape. Some of the most adaptable groundcovers are native Florida plants like the beach sunflower some ferns and railroad vine. Creeping juniper Juniperis horizontalis Creeping juniper is a popular addition to many landscapes as an attractive ground cover.

The most common use of this perennial plant is to edge pathways or flowerbeds. Old vines can become quite woody. Best Plants to Use for Ground Cover in Florida.

Its pretty tough against foot traffic too. Other attractive groundcovers include English ivy and Asiatic jasmine. Florida Shade Ground Cover Plants If a canopy of trees casts shade on your yard youll love these groundcovers that dont need much sun to keep shining brightly.

Lilyturf is also drought tolerant prospers in sun or shade and remains resistant to deer. This upright fern can actually grow pretty tall for a groundcover reaching 4 feet in height. It blooms in summer and falland the blue or white flowers are fragrant and gorgeous in bouquets.

One of the best ground covers for sunny areas is Lambs Ear Stachys byzantina. Groundcover plants whether theyre flowering or foliage plants – or even ferns – can help choke out weeds as they blanket the earth. The fuzzy silver-grey leaves grow to between 2 and 4 5 10 cm long.

Grass-like lilyturf becomes 9 to 18 tall and spreads 12 to 24 inches. Once youve planted the palms the foundation shrubs the row of hedges and the stately treethe addition of one of South Floridas pretty groundcovers can put the finishing touch on even the most minimal landscaping. Coontie Zamia floridana Also known as Florida arrowroot you can plant this ground cover in sun or shade in any well-drained site including poor soil.

Nine of the Best Ground Covers for Florida Beach Sunflower. In such areas substitute lilyturf zones 4 to 10 for it to cover ground in partial shade. Bromeliads add an instant tropical feel wherever used in the landscape as ground covers.

Straight from your grandmas garden Dianthus is an old-fashioned perennial with a vanilla-like scent. For a little extra visual interest the new growth on this plant is coppery pink which then becomes dark green with age. The appropriately named ornamental plant has thick silvery foliage that covers ground extremely well.

Variegated lilyturf is popular as edging for erosion control or ground cover in warm climates. Swamp fern is a Florida native that is particularly well-suited for areas that are shaded and moist. A Florida native beach sunflowers Helianthus debilis USDA zones 8b to 10b is sure to add a cheery.

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