Plants With Pink And Green Leaves

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Image of medicine ingredient flower – 221567732. Photo about Leonurus cardiaca plant.

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In this part of the site you can identify trees shrubs or perennials by the shape or color of their leaves.

Plants with pink and green leaves. Happily they perk back up just as fast. Fittonia also called nerve plant features pink red or white leaves variegated with green. Syngonium Red Heart is an easy to care for plant with pink and green leaves that are shaped like arrowheads.

Elephant Ear Plant Desert Sunset Pink Leaves Small Leaf Pink Panthers Bubble Envelopes Small Plants Plant. The Pink Splash Aglaonema is a compact bushy Aglaonema plant with pink and green leaves. Plant identification by their leaves.

Hosta crispula variegated perennial with white. 05 25 m tall. Mother wort with pink flowers green stem and leaves.

Annual foliage plant Glechoma hederacea. These little beauties dont mind a low-light spot. Japanese Andromeda bush Pieris japonica in.

The large colorful green patterned leaves of a Prayer Plant fold up at night as though praying. Hedera helix Gold Ripple variegated ivy green. Likes to be kept moist in a location with.

Canna Lily Canna indica Canna lilies are beautiful green or variegated leafy tropical plants with colorful exotic flowers. New leaves are glossy and look a little crumpled until they unfurl giving this indoor plant extra texture and character. They also appreciate regular watering and wilt quickly and somewhat dramatically when dry.

The tropical leaves grow on arching stems that grow between 15 and 8 ft. Large leaf blades grow between 12 and 24 30 60 cm and up to 8 20 cm wide. As its name suggests this red Aglaonema cultivar has broad glossy green pointed leaves with pink splashes.

The level of pink variegation on the leaves depends on the cultivar and the amount of.

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