Plants That Smell Like Lemon

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Scented geraniums are first categorized by their scent. The Queen of Lemon has a compact shape and felty-hairy fresh green leaves.

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Lemon Verbena Aloysia citriodora among other synonyms is probably the most famous plant bearing the Lemon distinction.

Plants that smell like lemon. Youre sure to fall in love with the sweet scent of orange lemon grapefruit or other citrus blossoms. 30 yr Fixed Conforming 5242021Fees. Each type has its own unique odor.

Its among the most beautiful rich and relaxing lemony fragrances available anywhere and is extremely hard to duplicate artificially. Pelargonium citriodorum Prince of Orange grows to be a fairly large plant with white flowers. Pelargonium crispum minor finger bowl geranium has very tiny leaves and a scent that is fragrant and lemony rather like citronella.

This plant is cultivated with zero pesticides. 30 yr Fixed Conforming 5242021Fees. The perfume of this plant is renown.

The official cultivar is Pelargonium Cripsum. Orange Blossom Plant. Lavender Lavandula spp Zone 5-9 This is perhaps the most popular herb grown for its fragrant flowers.

This will be part of the flowers. This gracious Lemon Fresh Scent Geranium has fresh green leaves seducing you with their citrus scent. Most make good houseplants because they are surprisingly easy to grow provided you give them enough light.

Scented Geranium like full sun to partial shade and bloom from late spring into summer. Some say the scent depending on the variety smells like apricot apple lemon mint or strawberry. They come in many fragrance categories like rose citrus mint apple lemon orange and coconut.

Get the Best Mortgage Rate for You. Pelargonium crispum Catford Belle and Pelargonium c. You can actually get luscious smells ranging from apple apricot lemon mint nutmeg and strawberry to others.

Geraniums are one of the best-looking plants because of their flower spikes. This plant has scented foliage making it quite different from the other fragrant indoor plants in this list. According to the Missouri Botanical Garden scented geraniums Pelargonium spp are tender perennials though they can also be grown has herbaceous annuals.

Scented geraniums are largely grown for. Aug 20 2013 – Forgot the name of this plant but it smells like lemon when you rub the leaves. Mabel Cirey have lemon-scented leaves and good flowers.

The tiny flowers are beautiful and run the gamut from white to shades of lilac and pink to red. Lemon grass smells lemony because it has citral geranial neral limonene and citronellal which all smell lemony and which lemons also have and equally important lemongrass doesnt have other chemicals in it that would completely change the scent such as minty anise orange cinnamon sulphur or onion.

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