Plants Dogs Should Not Eat

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Used as a topical gel in conventional medicine aloe vera is one of many poisonous plants for dogs. Even medicinal and recreational plants are unsafe.

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Herbs such as sage thyme and cilantro.

Plants dogs should not eat. Anything in the Allium family like garlic onions leeks and chives are dangerous for dogs. Chives and leeks are therefore foods dogs cant eat despite having a. Alocasia Elephants Ear Scientific Names.

There are lots of plants that repel dogs. Used in landscaping and found in the wild the entire genus is extremely dangerous for dogs. Gorgeous climbing plants like Ivy and Wisteria should be off limits to your dog.

No dogs shouldnt eat garlic. African Wonder Tree Scientific Names. Rose of Sharon Hibiscus syriacus 4 Yew bushes Taxus Mountain laurel Kalmia latifolia Hydrangea Burning bush Euonymus alata Azalea genus Azaleas and rhododendrons Boxwood Buxus Privet Ligustrum Daphne Andromeda.

Aloe vera Pear Huckleberry and Barberry are prickly plants you can use to prevent dogs from entering your plantation. Side effects may include vomiting lethargy depression tremors and change in urine. Plants Toxic to Dogs.

Like onions leeks and chives garlic is part of the Allium family and it is five times more toxic to dogs than the rest of the Allium plants. Some will resist dogs because of their strong smell while others are point-blank dangerous they can lead to the death of your dog. Johns Wort Aloe Tobacco and Rhubarb plants are no good for dogs or cats.

Prickly plants such as aloe agave prickly pear hollies barberries and huckleberry are plants that deter dog s and cats and that can be used as borders around garden areas to physically block access. Chives and leeks like onions and garlic also belong to the Allium family. Ricinus communis Family.

Shrubs That Are Poisonous to Dogs Azalea and Rhododendron. When eaten by dogs aloe vera can cause mild to moderate bouts of toxicity. We know its tough to resist when your pet looks at you eagerly hoping for a tidbit of your food.

While the list of dog safe plants might look comparatively short it actually includes many popular easy-to-care-for and striking flowers that will make your dog safe garden look amazing. But several shrubs are plants poisonous to dogs. Chives and Leeks.

Adam-and-Eve Arum Lord-and-Ladies Wake Robin Starch Root Bobbins Cuckoo Plant Scientific Names. Dogs dont enjoy strong odors such as garlic onion or citrus. Arum maculatum Family.

50 Plants That Repel Dogs Toxic Trees Herbs Flowers.

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