Planting Tomatoes In Hay Bales

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Conditioning the hay bale. Success depends upon the ability to adequately support them.

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Plant the seeds at the depth specified on the pack or around a quarter of an inch.

Planting tomatoes in hay bales. Drill or poke tiny holes around the bottom perimeter of a gallon milk jugs. Plant no more than two tomato pepper or eggplant seedlings per bale. Growing tomatoes in hay bales.

Close the hay over the cut potatoes. Create a fertilizer starter solution by mixing 1 to 2 tablespoons of 6-8-6 fertilizer with one gallon of water. Planting in a hay bale is similar to planting in the ground.

Then for the next 6 days when. Use a garden sprinkler to soak your haybales. Ive found that all tomato varieties — indeterminate determinate and dwarf — work well in bales.

Pour approximately 2 cups of solution around the base of the tomato plant after planting. Plant the bale Remove straw to form a hole that is as deep as rootball of your plant though if youre planting a tomato of course youll want to go deeper Place the plant in the hole add some quality potting soil around it for extra nutrients and stability then. I think you could easily grow 2 tomato plants per bale in a weed-free condition if you ran a fertigation system down the top of the bales and capped the bales with a wrap of landscape fabric.

The great news is tomatoes grow well in straw bales. Tomatoes should be staked so they grow upwards and have plenty of air circulation around the leaves. Healthy Tomatoes In Straw Bale For the first few days of conditioning the temperature inside the straw bale rises to anywhere from 100 -125 degrees.

Either way you need potting soil or compost for the plants to grow. If you cant provide a tall stake or fencing behind the bale choose determinate or dwarf varieties. Smaller varieties do particularly well because straw bales have less square footage to work with than the larger types.

Tomato cages do not work with straw bale gardens. However if you want larger tomato varieties like the beefsteak tomato youll need to plant less to give the fruits room for proper airflow. Planting them directly into the bales Providing its warm enough you should have no problem getting your tomato seeds to germinate and grow if you prefer to plant them directly into the bales.

Plant seeds in the soil. Place the cut pieces into the hay bale 4 to 6 inches deep spaced 6 to 12 inches apart. Two crops may need additional support.

You can either create holes in the hay or plant on top of the bale. Use Miracle Gro or other water-soluble fertilizer to feed your potatoes once a week. Easy cost effective tips and guide 1.

No matter what you are growing your tomatoes in they need a heavy exposure to sunlight. Apply 100 pounds of composted manure for every 100 square feet. If planting potatoes cut the potatoes in two or more sections with at least two eyes on each section.

Airdate 04132019 4541Host Casey Hentges is in the vegetable garden to plant our conditioned straw bale garden bed with tomatoes from the All American Se. It goes into greater detail on the straw bale raised garden technique and suggests two determinate tomato plants per bale. You will need to drive stakes into the ground.

Water the bales regularly for three days to moisten them. When it the temperature of the straw bale comes down to equal the air temperature your bale is ready for planting. Tomatoes and other vine crops such as cucumbers squash and zucchini.

Fill the jug with water and place it beside the potato plant so the water can drip slowly and saturate the bales. This happens as it begins taking in moisture and decomposing.


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