List Of Poisonous House Plants

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Vomiting depression diarrhea abdominal pain tremors. Luckily you dont have to worry about that because all 16 plants listed below are non-toxic for people cats and dogs.

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Amaryllis Amaryllis spp Autumn Crocus Colchicum autumnale Azaleas and Rhododendrons Rhododendron spp.

List of poisonous house plants. Find out which plants are poisonous to dogs cats and horses. However the most common problems with poisonous plants arise from contact with the sap oil of several native plants that cause an allergic skin reactionpoison ivy poison oak and poison sumac. Heres a list of some common plants that are toxic to cats.

The ASPCA and Poison Control are both good resources for additional information. The bulbs are the most poisonous part of the plant. Deadly Nightshade Poison Ivy Poison Sumac Poison Oak Water Hemlock and more.

Outdoor workers may be exposed to poisonous plants. Keep in mind Non-Toxic does not mean the plants are edible. The toxic principle in other plants may have a systemic effect and damage or alter the function of a cats organs like the kidney or heart.

10 rows Not all lilies are toxic and some are more toxic to animals especially cats than to humans. Oral irritation and burning – any part of mouth drooling vomiting. Several species including Asparagus officinalis and Asparagus densiflorus.

Grouped by symptoms and complete with an illustration of each plant. A guide to identifying the most dangerous plants in the United States that are poisonous to humans. Clivy caffre lily cape clivia klivia.

If youre looking for a large houseplant thats safe for your pets I highly recommend checking out Areca Palms and these varieties. Please keep plants out of reach of children and pets. Swap out your Sago Palms highly toxic and poisonous for this pet-friendly alternative.

Common toxic plants include sago palms lilies azaleas and tulips. Golden Butterfly Palm Cane Palm Golden Feather Palm Yellow Palm. Large ingestions cause convulsions low blood pressure tremors cardiac arrhythmias.

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