Killing Ground Squirrels With Gum

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Leaving gum out for ground squirrels to find will not work. Place one of the pieces which we cut earlier into the hole.

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Step 2 Add 1 ounce of powdered strychnine to the paste and then include 1 ounce of the baking soda.

Killing ground squirrels with gum. Drop the gum directly into gopher holes outside. Burrowing mammals such as prairie dogs ground hogs ground squirrels and gophers might look cute but for farmers and ranchers theyre a real nuisance. Add 13 tablespoon of saccharine.

First of all cut many sticks of chewing gum into the pieces of about ½ square inches. In about three weeks time Ive killed 19 squirrels. Now use a shovel small hand spade or any tool to dig into a gopher or mole tunnel.

While some people believe the gum will expand in their. Depending on the number of ground squirrel in the area you will choose the best solution for your particular situation. The finished product should be oats covered in paste.

Our exterminator has told us that one way to get rid of them is to put Juicy Fruit gum pieces in their burrows. Bubble gum might sometimes clog a ground squirrels intestines or burst its stomach but no one has conducted scientific studies on its overall effectiveness. You know the hard squares of gum that as a kid almost broke your jaw on the first bite.

Then put the soil again so that it doesnt look suspicious to the rodents. These small creatures are a distinctive type of squirrel and although they are at their best living in wooded areas where. Do not chew the gum.

Blend a half teacup of cold water with 1 tablespoon of gloss starch. Ground squirrels live in colonies that can include several dozen animals in a complex of burrows To discourage population buildups remove brush piles and debris and destroy old burrows at. No gas filled tunnels exhaust from your tail p.

They can render your acreage useless by destroying the ground. They ate the bubble gum like crazy but I never saw a dead or dying ground squirrel. One pint of these poisoned oats can cover up to 30 baits.

These pieces should be small ½ square inches so that gophers can eat them. Home Remedies for Ground Squirrels Prairie Dogs GUM – Not ordinary gum but Bazooka Bubble Gum. Its hardly cheap he said.

Pour a half pint of boiling water over the gloss starch after that and stir it thoroughly to create a paste that the baking soda attaches to. To eliminate small population opt for traps while the larger number of these rodents present in the area require the use of poisons. Spreading coffee grounds around the entrances to burrows.

Large sections of crops get wiped out as they devour seeds roots and bulbs. Once a week this guys neighbor puts 1 square of Bazooka gum in every ground squirrel hole on his property. I tried bubble gum as Id heard it would bind up their intestines and kill them.

Step by step instructions on one of the most effective and easiest ways to kill ground squirrels and gophers. The thought is that the gum. With the help of a hand spade or shovel dig into the tunnel slowly remove the soil from it and place the one or two pieces in it.

Executing all these steps will result in the homemade squirrel poison. The Spokane Parks Department once lined burrows with sticks of Wrigleys juicy fruit gum after hearing rumors that eating the gum would destroy the animals stomachs and kill them Goodspeed said. How To Kill A Chipmunk Chipmunks are a species of small squirrels that are generally quite cute and cuddly when seen in their natural habitat but they can become a real problem when they make their way into an urban area.

The only thing i had to buy for this trap was sunflower seeds you can get them at an. Use a larger piece of gum about a half of a stick. This poison is specifically designed to attract squirrels.

But unlike squirrels they create burrows in the ground and nest there rather than inside tree dens. Chewing gum It may sound odd but gophers and ground squirrels enjoy sweet things. A very cheap easy and effective way of getting rid of ground squirrels.

First you need to cut various small pieces of bubble gum. Since theyre rarely larger than five inches long and arent known to be aggressive chipmunks usually arent a threat to humans or pets. While the home remedies above will deter ground squirrels there are a few myths you should be aware of.

In fact do not let it touch human hands. Add 20 quarts of oats. While this is not a proven method according to the Garden Counselor Lawn Care Web site it states that trying it.

Then I bought a Revenge Easy Set rat trap and baited it with bubble gum. As far as other controls go Knight said bubble gum might sometimes clog a ground squirrels intestines or burst its stomach but no one has conducted scientific studies on its overall effectiveness. Take the gum out of the wrapper a few pieces will do with gloves on.

The gopher tries to eat the gum and it stops up his intestinal tract eventually killing it. Both are omnivores that feed on small insects fruit nuts seeds and plants. According to an expert Jim Knight a Montana State Extension Wildlife Specialist.

Sweet chewing gum sticks have been set out for gophers to find.