Juicy Fruit Gum Kills Moles

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Cruel Yes but so are the blood thinners in the poisons. Place one of the sections of Juicy Fruit gum into.

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Use a larger piece of gum about a half of a stick.

Juicy fruit gum kills moles. Juicy Fruit Gum Kills Moles. The only way to determine if Juicy Fruit works is to see if the mole invaders quit tunneling. Dig into a mole tunnel using a small hand spade or shovel.

The fact that moles can eat gums is a hot debate amongst scholars. The first time it works chew yourself a stick of delicious Juicy-Fruit gum. One of the best reasons to get rid of moles with Juicy Fruit gum is the results are effective.

The only way that you will kill a mole with 176 sticks of Juicy Fruit is to sculpt the chewed gum into the shape of a bowling pin bake it until it becomes nearly as hard and then use it to club the life clean out of the next unsuspecting mole you encounter. As Martha Stewart would say its a good thing. You need to strategically place pieces of the gum where the moles will eat it.

Killing moles using chewing gum. An option that is non-poisonous is to get rid of moles with Juicy Fruit gum. 22 rifle or pellet gun will dothe job.

How to Kill Moles With Juicy Fruit Gum Step 1. Cover the hole with dirt or it wont work. They claim they eat the gumand it plugs up their digestive system and killsthem.

And they can work their way into the food chain. Use a deep dibble stick to drill a hole to the gophermole hole and add a Tbs. The hypothesis is that providing sweet gums to the moles will entice them to eat them afterwards the rodents will experience difficulties with digesting the gums.

The gum will bind up a mole and lead to eventual death. The gopher tries to eat the gum and it stops up his intestinal tract eventually killing it. Ive always heard that you could use Juicy Fruit gum to kill moles tunneling in your yard.

For moles dig a small hole in the top of their tunneland put a piece of Juicy Fruit Gumin it then carefully cover up the hole without collapsing the tunnel. Cut several sticks of Juicy Fruit up into pieces about 12-inch square. Sorry but no moles wont die if they eat Juicy Fruit gum.

Try to remove the top layer of soil taking care to. The whole idea behind the Juicy Fruit method of mole control is that the moles will eat the gum and that it will then gum up their insides causing them to die of constipation or. Those who believe that moles do eat the gums have a hypothesis which they think is correct and supports their ideology that the gums do kill the moles.

Grub Controls and other insecticides. There are even online debates about whether the gum should be chewed or unchewed when placed in the mole tunnels. The whole idea behind the Juicy Fruit method of mole control is that the moles will eat the gum and that it will then gum up their insides causing them to die of constipation or some other horrible digestive problem.

Fact or Fiction. Of LYE Drano throw in a Juicy fruit gum and I guarantee you results. So if you have a mole problem that seriously ticks you off order one of these traps.

Moles can be quite a problem for gardeners. While this is not a proven method according to the Garden Counselor Lawn Care Web site it states that trying it. Drop the gum directly into gopher holes outside.

In fact they wont even eat Juicy Fruit gum.

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