Is Glass Gem Corn Edible

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Ahem Adam and Eve. It is also edible.

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Flint corn has appropriately a tough outer shell that is said to be hard as flint In other words its not a corn you eat right off the cob.

Is glass gem corn edible. Glass gem corn is a flint corn so it is not usually eaten like corn on the cob. Holly and Dyanna visitors to the farm from the farmers market. This is Glass Gem Corn.

The corn may look like candy but theres no way it tastes as good but is probably DECENT lathered in melted butter and rolled. Flint corn varieties have a hard outer shell encasing each kernel making them unpleasant to consume raw off the cob. Curious gardeners have lots of questions about glass gem corn and those who have managed to secure seeds.

It will need to be processed before consumption. This photo was taken on October 15 and shows the last corn harvested from the field around 150 days since it was planted. Before you rush to add your name to the waiting list for glass gem seeds I should just add that this kind of flint corn is usually nixtamalised and ground into flour for tortillas hominy polenta and tamales which as Rachel Laudan convincingly demonstrated at Postopolis DF is a rather exhausting and time-consuming process.

They were so dazzled by the Glass Gem corn they saw at the market that they wanted to come and be a part of the harvest. Glass gem corn is a beautiful corn often used in decoration. A distinctive presentation in fall displays the glassy-looking kernels are unique to this variety.

Im finally getting around to doing a video on popping some of the Glass Gem Corn that we grew last year. It should be noted that while glass gem corn is edible its not sweet off the cob. We had already eaten some but hadnt done a test t.

Glass gem corn is an amazingly vibrant strain of rainbow coloured corn. Its a flint variety which is often used to make flour or simply ornamental. If you want to grow and harvest glass gem corn buy seeds online or at a greenhouse.

I would have called it Rainbow Corn myself but thats just me and Im way better at naming things than some people. Plant them when the soil. Corn originates from Central America where it was developed from a.

It is a type of flint corn which is grown not for eating off the cob but for making popcorn or grinding into cornflour. Requires a fairly long growing season for favorable yields. We have been growing and saving the seed from our own heirloom crops for the past 5 years.

Glass Gem Corn is not just gorgeous it is also edible. Glass Gem corn is considered a popcorn which is a subcategory of flint corn. Sturdy plants can reach 10 tall.

They are called Glass Gem Corn a variety especially bred by Oklahoma farmer Carl Barnes according to a report by the Amusing Planet. Today we harvested our glass gem corn. Glass Gem is something of a cross between true modern popcorn and parching corn.

You can also pop the kernels into popcorn. A little Glass Gem Corn history How did this all come about you ask. It has a very interesting history but is considered a sturdy-stalked high yield flint corn.

To get the kernels you will first have to dehydrate your corn. Thats real corn with rainbow-colored kernels. Glass Gem corn is a type of flint corn best suited for processed preparations.

With flint corn the corn is left on the plants to dry. However you can use it to make cornmeal to use in other recipes. The kernels also contain higher starch levels contributing to a blander unsweetened flavor.

Kernels can be popped but results may vary. Learn the history behind. Its a corn varietal with different colored kernels.

Glass Gem Corn is edible and polychromatic. Now that made me want to write an explaining blog post about growing Glass Gem corn because yes it is beautiful and YES it is edible. It can be made into flour or cornmeal or a makes a fantastic popped corn with small crispy strongly flavored popped kernels.

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