Is Coleus An Annual Or A Perennial

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Coleus are in the Lamiaceae or mint family. But how do you know which plants are botanical annuals and which are horticultural annuals.

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Coleus is an annual or herbaceous perennial in the mint family with attractive foliage and succulent stems that comes in many colors and provides year-round interest.

Is coleus an annual or a perennial. If the winter is on the mild side for your climate your coleus could probably make it through unprotected. However coleus plants are classed as tender perennials and are sensitive to frost. Or Plectranthus spp however are instead grown for their striking foliage which helps make a bold garden statement.

In colder zones container plants are sometimes moved indoors to overwinter. Coleus plants are grown for their brightly colored foliage and need deadheading for optimum growth. How do you grow Coleus.

You just need to pinch them. Brightly colored Solenostemon Coleosaurus Coleus is a tropical evergreen tender perennial boasting vibrant dark red and lime green leaves. Basics Planting Coleus Coleus Care Coleus Varieties Design Ideas COLEUS BASICS Zones.

Petunias geraniums coleus impatiens wax begonias polka dot plant nicotiana. 5 hours agoMany of the plants we grow as annuals here are perennials in their native tropics. Hardy to Zone 10 but can be overwintered indoors in colder areas.

Sun-loving coleus with contrasting-edge leaf margins are easy-to-grow annual foliage plants. They are tender perennials typically grown as annuals outside their native Southeast Asia. Coleus is a tropical plant that will come back year after year if you live in USDA zones 10 or 11.

Watch this video to learn how to pinch annuals and tropical perennials. This tender annual comes in many shades of color leaf texture and sizes. Coleus plants are members of the nettle family and should be grown in indirect light or in shade for the best foliage results.

Although technically an evergreen perennial coleus are usually grown as annuals because these tender tropical plants cant handle even the slightest frost. Fortunately in your zone frost is not really a certainty. Are Coleus Plants Perennial Flowers.

Its listed as an annual many places because any amount of frost is likely to be fatal to an unprotected plant. The distinctive patterns formed by the leaf margins make these plants stand out in the garden. Coleus is normally used as an annual bedding plant or in outdoor container gardens and baskets.

While the plant can survive full sun it does best in shade. It forms a 3 ft. Warmer zones can grow coleus as garden perennials where they can.

Click to see full answer. Pairing Up with Coleus Plants There are dozens of different coleus plants but they all have one thing in common. Some coleus are trailers great for hanging baskets.

Good thing is that they are relatively inexpensive and you can purchase new. Known for its colorful foliage Coleus is a wonderful low-maintance plant to add to summer flower beds as well as containers. Easy to grow low maintenance heat tolerant Coleus is terrific as a bedding annual or.

Technically a tender perennial a coleus plant is usually grown as an annual. While traditionally shade-tolerant some modern varieties will thrive in the sun too. Coleus plants are easy to grow and flourish in summer heat.

Mound as it grows and it can be used as a tender annual outdoors in a bed or border in a hanging basket or container. They are tender perennials typically grown as annuals outside their native Southeast Asia. You can plant them in container gardens or landscape beds where plants will combine with flowering annuals and perennials to brighten the display.

Or Plectranthus spp however are instead grown for their striking foliage which helps make a bold garden statement. Ill bet you think Im going to tell you. It may seem counterproductive to cut back a plant that you want more of but pinching many annual and tender perennial plantslike coleusencourages branching and full bushy growth.

So most people grow coleus in their yard as annuals or as tropical evergreen houseplants in pots. Coleus would be an annual in your portion of the country you could pot some up and put them in a bright window or take cuttings and put them in jars of water in a window area. Most are just the right size to fill a pot on the porch or a spot in a perennial border.

Although technically an evergreen perennial coleus are usually grown as annuals because these tender tropicals cant handle even the slightest frost.

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