Indoor Plants With Red Flowers

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The chenille plant is a fast grower and a long bloomer. Keep the soil moist but not soggy and give them indirect sunlight and youll be well on the way to providing a happy environment for this cute indoor plant.

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The commonly grown indoor plant is this variety of Kalanchoe Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana with glossy green leaves and red flowers and is known as florist Kalanchoe.

Indoor plants with red flowers. Also known as Clivia Kaffir Lily is an indoor flower plant that bears red orange or yellow colored sweetly aromatic flowers. A classic favorite among plant parents African violet Saintpaulia produces a single rosette of velvety green leaves on short leafstalks. But other varieties of succulents such as kalanchoe millotii will also flower as well.

The amaryllis blooms in winter when there are almost no signs of life in your outdoor garden beds. It blooms when it is placed in cool dry conditions with medium exposure to light. With its deep green strap-like leaves the plant appears ornamental even without the flowers.

You can also grow this barrel cactus inside if your home receives good sunlight or if you have indoor grow lights. Popular for their trumpet-shape Amaryllis have large flower heads and come in both single and double forms. Chenille plant can be grown outdoors during the summer and brought indoors when the temperatures cool in fall.

It has clusters of single semidouble or double flowers in white pink red violet purple blue lime green pale yellow or bicolor. The Barrel Cactus thrives outdoors in warm regions such as Arizona Texas Florida and Southern California. They grow on a tall green stem and come in varying hues of red and white.

Rex Begonia can be an excellent addition to your colorful indoor plants collection as its foliage offers an array of colors ranging from purple pink green to silver. It will go partially dormant in winter so do not feed it until there is new growth in the spring. Easy to grow in a small pot you can expect.

Some of the best varieties to grow are-Red Delta Duarten Rex Ballet Pink Charming Fairy Red Kiss and Tornado. Also called abutilon this plant has red yellow pink or peach papery blossoms that appear almost all year long. Even when not in bloom its glossy green leaves are attractive all on their own.

The plants typically last a few years before getting leggy and unattractive. Some common red flowering succulents are the Flaming Katy Kalanchoe the Crown of Thorns Euphorbia and the Burros Tail when it does have a rare bloom. When outside this particular cactus blooms very well and its red flowers look great.

Some common cacti in this category are the Prickly Pear the Christmas Cactus and the Claret Cup Cactus. They also make a long-lasting cut flower if you can bear to snip them off the plant. Succulents are common in the home due to their ease of care.

Flowering houseplants thrive on bright light and even moisture. When grown in bright light anthuriums will reward you with its long-lasting flowers in festive shades of pink red lavender or white. Few people can resist rubbing the catkin-like fuzzy red flowers.

The red-veined Fittonia verschaffeltii is probably my favorite although they all look so good.

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