How To Till A Garden By Hand

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You can use a broad fork to further loosen the soil once youve dug a trench or block.

How to till a garden by hand. Spray water until the soil is moistened about two inches 76 cm deep. This will help the plant grow better because grass can consume minerals and nutrients inside the soil. If this will be a new garden or if you are enlarging an existing garden first define the boundaries of your plot.

Use your roto tiller to go over your garden in an up and down pattern then walk over the entire area picking up any roots or underground vegetation the tilling brought to the surface. Using a rototiller in such a small space is awkward and may damage the sides of the garden bed. Heres how to till by hand.

Once loosened but not turned sprinkle a 2-inch layer of compost into the trench and gently work it into the soil. If the garden area is covered with lawn begin by removing the grass. Next go back over your garden again this time working from side to side to ensure the soil is nicely broken up and ready for planting.

Use a garden fork to loosen the soil at the bottom of the trench. Before you till in the spring take a soil test to figure out what amendments you need to add to your garden. I till at the first opportunity when the earth is dry.

Soil needs to reach a temperature of about 60F before you work it. You can successfully till the soil for a new garden once it warms up in the spring as long as its somewhat dry. For bone-dry summer soil break out the garden hose.

Do you have a shovel. Hand tilled soil is denser than machine tilled and provides plant roots a better home. Only hand till your garden once a season to avoid disturbing earthworms or losing soil nutrients.

The next thing to do of how to till a garden is removing grass. If a handful of. Many gardeners wait for the soil to be warm at least 60F to start tilling.

Once any grass is removed. Then you can sprinkle them on. Dig down that far and check to see that the soil is moist.

Use the shovel to cut it into manageable pieces. Dig the trench from one end of your new garden to the other end placing the soil from the trench on a nearby tarp or in a wheelbarrow. You want a garden but you dont have a tiller to till the soil.

Instead manually till the garden using a shovel or spading fork to mix fresh compost and amendments.

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