How To Tell If A Blue Spruce Is Dying

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Prune away dead branches twigs and infected areas of the tree. Look on your evergreens branches for small holes or sawdust which points to an insect infestation.

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If its pliable and bends without breaking its.

How to tell if a blue spruce is dying. It is most likely a fungal disease called Rhizosphaera needlecast. It can take up to 15 months for the needles to show visible symptoms after the initial infection. If the underlying tissue is green its still alive.

Use a magnifying glass to examine the needles of your blue spruce for signs of Rhizosphaera needle cast Rhizosphaera kalkhoffii a fungus that causes needle cast disease. If they are bare contain brown needles or are covered with sticky white sap the tree is. To spot a disease on a pine or spruce look for anything from large cankers leaking white sap to needle death on inner branches.

For the snap test bend a stem around your finger. If you think your tree is infected look for small black spots lining the needles with a magnifying glass. This video is presented by Kimberly Bohn.

Individual branches start dying especially the oldest ones. Deep water the tree once per week to help it recover from the stress. White residue and cankers can be seen on infected branches.

For the scratch test use your fingernail to scratch the outer bark of a stem. The following will help you manage rust disease. The appearance of small black spots premature.

Look for white oozing sap on the dead branches—usually back near the trunk. Norway spruce trees can be damaged by lack of water lack of nutrition pests like spider mites and beetles and over-fertilization. Also several diseases can contribute to branch dieback.

If you cant give the tree an all-around treatment. Throughout the Midwest Colorado blue spruces have been showing needle loss dead branches and browning foliage. A seriously sick blue spruce has purple or brown needles dead branches and bald spots.

It affects blue and white spruce ONLY. The first needles to drop are the ones on the tips of branches while the last ones to drop are the needles located deeper inside towards the base of the tree. Disease stress and other problems however may cause a pine tree to shed its needles earlier in the year.

It pushes through the stomata of the affected needles and looks like fuzzy black spots. If the upper branches provide too much shade the lower branches naturally die off. Two simple tests that involve tactile diagnostics may determine whether your evergreen is dead.

It is a needle disease. Use a magnifying glass to check the blue spruces needles. How to Tell If a Blue Spruce Tree Is Sick.

Spruce budworm resembles a brownish colored caterpillar is about 1 inch long and causes damage from about June through August. Herein how do you tell if a spruce tree is dying. Since you did not ask a question I will guess that you want to know why the blue spruces are dying.

As the disease progresses the needles die usually the year following the infection. Often starts at the bottom of the tree on the inside and works its way up the tree. Eventually the whole tree drops its needles and dies.

The appearance of small black spots premature needle loss and a thinning canopy can be signs of Rhizosphaera needle cast. Carefully inspect the blue spruces lower branches. The infectious fungal disease starts near the base of the tree and spreads upward.

The first sign of trouble is the browning of needles on the lower branches which gradually spreads upwards. Brown needles beginning to fall leaving large bare spots on trees that next summer or fall. Remove fallen foliage and destroy it burn it.

If you see something odd or worrisome have an expert take a look. Cytospora canker is a fungus that attacks spruces and causes branch death. Considering this why is my evergreen tree dying.

Apply a fungicide to the tree after removing signs of the infection. Immature sawflies resemble a small green caterpillar with a yellow or reddish head. But if you continue to see brown tissue that part of the stem is dead.

As a result trees affected by needlecasts often have an outer shell of live needles on current shoots and dead needles on older shoots Photo 3. Young trees may be killed by this disease but usually branches die off after 3-4 consecutive years of defoliation causing trees to look disfigured. Cytospora canker manifests during drought stress so infected trees need individual irrigation.

If you can pin down a specific reason for the trees decline treat that reason directly. Prune away infected branches. If left untreated it can severely defoliate and kill a tree in three to four years.

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