How To Take Care Of Marigolds

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Marigolds are not fussy. Marigolds are a popular choice for gardeners and flower enthusiasts alike.

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All there is to know about French marigold.

How to take care of marigolds. Water marigolds the first 10 to 12 days after transplanting bedding plants into the garden. Water the marigold when the top 1 to 2 inches 25 to 5 cm of soil is dry. Do not water marigolds from overhead.

Partial to full sun. Be mindful not to water marigolds from the top. Water more in high heat.

Use seeds from old marigold plants. Marigolds dont require deadheading but if dying blossoms are regularly removed it will encourage the plant to continue blooming profusely. Thin the seedlings to 3 apart or transplant them into pots when they are about 2 tall.

Water deeply then let the soil dry before watering again. Be sure to use a large enough container because marigolds tend to grow quickly and crowding can be an issue. Barely cover the seeds with moist sifted compost then maintain a temperature within the growing medium of 70-75 until germination which takes as little as 5-7 days.

Avoid a profusion of foliage and fewer flowers by not fertilizing soil after sowing seeds. Native to sunny and warm climates Tagetes prefer brightly sunny areas with moderately-rich soil. When you water marigolds allow the soil to dry somewhat between waterings then water well and repeat the process.

We wish you Good HealthMake sure you guys appreciate us and dont forget to Like Share and SubscribeWe need your valuable suggestions for Improvements and. You can simply just take the dead flowerheads off of the plant and throw them in another plant container. Water marigolds at the base of the plant.

They also dont need a soil that is particularly rich in organic matter and seem to grow better in a leaner soil. If their blooms get too wet they will often turn into a mushy brown mess. Easy to care for French marigolds are plants that require very little care especially when already well settled in.

Marigolds can be susceptible to root rot as well if they are over watered. Water these plants thoroughly every third day or so. The seeds of African Marigolds should be sown indoors 10-12 weeks early.

Let marigold plants dry out slightly between waterings. Never allow the soil to remain soggy as wet conditions invite root rot and other moisture-related diseases. Any good garden soil and a little water during dry spells should keep them happy as long as the soil is not too acidic.

This is largely due to their ease of growing and care. Use a soil-based potting mix and either add in a granular slow-acting fertilizer at the time of planting or periodically water with a diluted liquid fertilizer. Place the pot where the marigold is exposed to at least six hours of sunlight.

Marigolds are a great beginner flower and are also excellent companion plants in vegetable gardensWith their bright orange double blooms marigolds add a great splash of color to any garden display. How to care for marigolds Allow the soil to dry out between waterings then water thoroughly. Thereafter water the plants once every week without.

How to Care for a Marigold Plant. Water in case of strong heat or for potted French marigolds as soon as the surface soil is dry. Avoid fertilizing the plants.

To stimulate budding of new flowers eliminate wilted flowers regularly deadheading. Keep the soil pH above about 60. Marigolds thrive in poor soil and fertilizer often creates lush rich foliage.

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