How To Take Care Of Begonias Outdoors

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A mixture of all-purpose potting soil is recommended. However spraying the leaves can lead to spotting.

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Check your begonias often during hot dry weather.

How to take care of begonias outdoors. How to plant Rieger begonias. Store tuber in a cool dark location in a box with peat moss until the start of the next growing cycle. Proper watering is one of the most difficult parts of successful begonia plant care.

Ensure your cutting contains at least one node however it should not contain any flowers. But between waterings its best to let the top inch or two of soil get dry to the touch. Plant begonias in containers for visual appeal and mobility.

Begonias need to be watered consistently. Water begonias regularly to keep the soil around them moist but beware of overwatering as begonias are susceptible to root rot. Annual begonia plants may be cut back before frost and used inside as a houseplant in winter.

Some begonias will also start from leaf cuttings. Rieger begonias require well-drained soil. The only requirement is that the leaf portion contains a main vein.

In northern areas this will be late May to early June. Water the begonia until water is moist but not soggy. Divide in spring for more outdoor begonia plants.

Be sure to move them inside before the frosty temperatures hit. If you wait too long and think you can save your begonias by quickly bringing them inside you may be disappointed. Once inside keep the soil moist provide humidity with a pebble tray and place in bright filtered light.

How to fertilize Rieger begonias. Remove tuber from the soil when the plant is spent and allow it to dry for a few days. Water Begonia rex when the soil or pot feels dry but dont wait until the plant starts to wilt.

You can also divide some varieties of begonia. Simply snip off three to six inches of a leaf tip and plant it up into potting soil. Humidity is crucial to keeping your rex begonia happy.

Rieger begonias as outdoor bedding plants. Certain begonias are made for the outdoor-indoor transition. Cuttings may be propagated for additional plants.

Keep in mind that begonias and frost dont mix. If you live in a cool climate its best to hold off planting begonias outdoors until the soil is 60F and the nights are relatively warm. According to My Garden.

With both stem and leaf cuttings you should keep them in a cool humid environment until they root. Begonias are tropical plants and they need warm soil. This usually isnt a concern when theyre growing.

If the plants start dropping flowers or wilting it means the soil is either too wet or too dry. Rieger begonias as indoor plants. Reduce water during their dormant period in the winter watering only when the pot dries out.

Also asked do angel wings begonias like sun. One of the greatest benefits of the Angel Wing Begonia plant is that it is incredibly easy to take cuttings for propagation. When caring for begonias keep the plants in containers water regularly spray with a soil activator and keep the soil loose.

Begonia Care Instructions Water. Some begonias need. Like most tropical plants begonias like a lot of humidity.

In dry weather supplement Mother Natures care of begonias with a rejuvenating fine mist via the sprinkler for 15 minutes in the heat of the afternoon. Find out how to care for two d. Thats because they like to.

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