How To Store Calla Lily Bulbs

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Arrange the bulbs in the box so they arent touching an store in a cool dry place with a temperature of 55 degrees F until spring planting. Dig up the tubers and store them in slightly moist peat moss if youre in a region cooler than zone 10 and would like to save them for next season.

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Check them from time to time to make sure they havent rotted youll see a mushy area.

How to store calla lily bulbs. Store them in a cool dry place somewhere that stays around 50 F. Unlike some bulbs the calla lily doesnt require chilling to bloom so you never put the rhizome in the refrigerator. Transfer the bulb to a paper bag or a pot filled with peat moss.

Many gardeners dust bulbs with fungicide before storing them but this isnt strictly necessary if there is no sign of rot and the bulbs have fully dried. Apply a layer of mulch straw or leaves around the tubers in the fall to protect them from the elements in warmer climates. Simply repot them and start growing your Calla Lily in the usual way.

Check to make sure they are not molding throughout the winter. Re-plant in spring after the soil has warmed and all danger of frost has passed. Learn how to plant Calla Lily Zantedeschia bulbs and care for them with this simple video demonstration.

Check the bulbs twice a month for signs of rot or disease. Tuck calla lily bulbs 3 to 4 inches deep into soil thats rich in organic matter and drains well. In tropical climates zones 8-10 calla lilies can be left in the ground over winter without trouble.

Just cut this off let the root dry off and re-store again in peat moss. After the calla lily rhizomes have dried place them in a paper bag or wrap them in newspaper. Calla lilies Zantedeschia aethiopica like bulbous plants store nutrients in underground rhizomes during periods of active growth and enter dormancy when the temperature drops.

Discard any afflicted bulbs so that the healthy bulbs. In other areas lift the bulbs before the first frost clean off excess soil let dry out of the direct sun for a few days then store in a dry location that remains between 50 and 60 degrees F. Proper calla lily winter care is essential to having these lovely flowers in your garden year after year.

If you have a yellow Calla Lily Zantedeschia elliottiana make sure to expose tubers in a warm dry room for about a month it is important to let them be exposed to warm air for at least 3 weeks. You can store your calla lilies in a vented cardboard box or a paper bag. All parts of the calla lily plant are extremely toxic.

In containers use a commercial bagged soil-less mix designed for pots. The storage area should be moderately warm 60 to 68F which may be in your head house or somewhere else out of the way. If you want to dig them.

Grow calla lily plants in containers or in-ground beds. Amend beds with organic matter if you have heavy clay soil. Transfer the bulb to a cool and dark location until its time to.

You can repot the tubers in fresh soil after the ripening period. To keep bench space open at least for a while the newly potted callas can be stored on carts. You need to protect the bulb but also keep it well-ventilated.

Place them in the box and add peat moss vermiculite or wrap them in newspaper. Once ripened you can remove any soil and place them in clear plastic bags filled with very lightly moistened not damp peat moss storing the sealed bags in a cool dark place. Do lily bulbs need to be overwintered in paper or cardboard.

Store them in a dark cool place around 50F. Let the bulbs dry for a few days in a cool dark location. Fill a box or bag with dry peat moss.

Place bulbs in peat moss inside a cardboard box or paper bag.

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