How To Repot A Houseplant

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Pots come in standard sizes usually in 2-inch increments. Either move your plant a couple of weeks before repotting or wait until a couple of weeks after repotting to move it Dont fertilise your plant until its shown some signs of growth.

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Todays video is all about how to repot your houseplants.

How to repot a houseplant. For todays houseplant repotting were repotting two Syngoniums to make a nice full plant. Choose a slightly larger pot. Go for something a few centimeters or about an inch larger.

This prevents soil from falling out. After a week or two the plant should be developing new roots and you can cut back watering. If youre repotting due to root rot this can be the old pot after its been washed or a new pot thats the same size.

There should be enough nutrition in the new soil. Measure the width of the planter youre using right now at the neck. Steps for Repotting Houseplants.

Water only when the soil begins to dry out. Make sure to leave about 2 inches of space on top. With your hands loosen the roots from the soil.

In a bucket mix together more potting mix than you think you will need with an equal amount of water. For example if your plant is in a 20 cm 8 wide planter now you can upgrade it to a 25 cm 9 one when you repot. If youre repotting the plant as a whole the rule of thumb is to just go one pot size up.

Place your pothos plant upright in the new pot and add potting mix around the sides to fill in the gaps. If youre repotting your plant into a new pot choose a pot that is 1 to 2 inches larger in diameter and 1 to 2 inches deeper than the plants current pot. Cut any long threads with sharp plant shears but ensure you dont remove the thicker growths at the plant base.

If your plant has been root-bound in its pot it may have a dense circular root growth. Hang your plant and generously water it Image 2. How to Repot Large Houseplants The day before you plan to move the plant water it damp soil holds together better.

Put your fingers over the top of the root ball and invert the pot. If youll be using a plastic pot with no holes drill several in the bottom to ensure the plant wont be living. If the root ball.

Daily Care offers easy-to-follow instructions for how to repot your favorite houseplants. Choose a container thats 1-2 inches 25-5 cm larger in diameter than your current one. Repot Your Plant Place the plant in the pot and fill the remaining space with potting soil leaving one inch from the top Image 1.

How to Repot a Plant Step 1. Pick a container with proper drainage. Water the plant in its original container and let it sit for one hour before repotting.

Tap the pots rim on a firm surface like a table or counter. When its time to repot your plant follow these tips for success. Dont move the plant to another room AND repot it in the same day.

Inspect the roots and remove the crock from the root. How to Repot a Plant. The following excerpt from Part Two.

Ideally the container should be one size bigger. If you choose a pot that has dimensions larger than this the roots will need to grow into the pot before the plant. 1Gently hold the stems of your plant and slide it out from its current planter.

If you have trouble getting it out you can lightly tap the bottom of the pot or shake the. A 6-inch pot is a pot with an interior top diameter of 6 inches. Go up only one size in a pot.

First choose a container one size bigger than your current pot. First water the plant the day before you plan on repotting it. Cover the drainage holes with a porous material like a coffee filter.

If the container was used previously make sure that it is clean before you start. Find the Right Pot. The main reason for repotting is because the plant has begun to outgrow its current home.

Keep your plant slightly moist at all times for the first few weeks to help it get used to life in the soil since its roots are used to growing in the gel. Choose a larger pot. Repotting the plant After you chose an appropriate container and potting mix you can begin the repotting process.

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