How To Plant Easter Lilly

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Finally Plant Them Outdoors Plant your lilies about 6 inches deep in a partially-sunny site with well-drained soil. Otherwise let the lilies undergo dormancy and plant the bulbs in the fall.

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Choose a well-drained sunny site.

How to plant easter lilly. Fill the bottom of the hole with 2 of compost and plant the lily down in the hole so that the bulb is about 6 inches below the surface of the soil. Planting The best time to grow easter lilies is after the frosts danger has passed if you dont have a greenhouse. Select a Planting Location Find a planting site in full to part sun.

Wait until flowers have finished blooming. Ideally the bulb should be 3 inches deep with 12 to 18 between plants. Lilies planted this way should bloom mid-summer next year and many years thereafter.

Be sure to remove any dead or dying blooms. Easter lily bulbs in the garden are typically much easier to care for than transplanted potted plants. Cover with several inches of mulch before winter in cold winter areas for winter protection.

Start tubers indoors for earlier flowering or plant them directly in the garden 2 to 4 inches deep after the last spring frost. Fertilizing at this point is not necessary. Flowering should continue for a week to two weeks depending on the temperature in your house.

Set the tubers horizontally in the ground cover with soil and water. When the last danger of frost has passed plant your Easter lily in a well-drained sunny location. Amend rocky or dry soil with compost or peat moss.

Easter lilies prefer loose well-drained organic soil. Native to Japan and commercially grown here in the Pacific Northwest the Easter lily Lilium longiflorum can nonetheless be planted in Florida gardens. Place the plant in the ground slightly deeper than how it was in the pot.

The original plant will die back within several weeks of bloom. After the blooms have fallen and there is no more chance of frost you can transplant your Lily from the pot it came in to a suitable outdoor spot. Keep the soil consistently moist.

Dig a hole down to a depth of about 8 inches and amend the planting hole with plenty of compost. Plant the Easter lily outdoors in May. After taking the pots bulbs you want to transplant them in the ground at a.

They like indirect sun and cool well-drained soil. Find it a location where there is mostly to full sunlight If it is a bulb plant it about two inches deep. To successfully transplant a lily to your garden wait until all flowers have faded and all danger of frost has passed.

After removing your Easter lily from its pot install it in the ground to the same depth as you had it in the container water it. Planting an Easter Lily Outdoors A good time to plant the bulb or the plant you were keeping indoors is in the spring after the last frost says Gatanas. Easter Sentiments Lily Plant 40 1-800-Flowers Place your potted Easter lily indoors where it can get plenty of bright light.

If the Easter lily seems to be rootbound loosen roots before planting. Dont allow the soil around the bulbs to dry out but also ensure that they have good drainage to. Completely cover the roots and bulbs with soil.

The bulbs should be planted around 4 to 6 inches deep and spaced about a foot apart. Once this occurs remove the plant from the pot and gently separate any clumped roots. Planting your Easter Lily outside.

Transplant the bulb into the ground at the same depth it was in the pot or a few inches deeper a good idea in northern regions. When planting place the bulb about 6 inches deep. Pick a spot that receives full sun.

To plant the entire pot place it in the ground until the leaves die completely. Some people use a layer of mulch for insulation year-round but thicker in winter.

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