How To Plant Crape Myrtle

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Spread mulch 2 inches deep over the top. Find out everything you need to know about crepe myrtles with Our Crepe Myrtle Guide.

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Pretty soon the nice well-behaved little crepe myrtle you planted is blocking the window rubbing up against the gutters and leaning over on the roof.

How to plant crape myrtle. Crape myrtle performs in nearly any well-drained soil including sand loam and clay but it thrives in slightly acidic or. To propagate crepe myrtle from seed gently press the seeds into moist potting mix or composted soil using a regular sized pot or planting tray. If the roots were growing in a circle in the pot gently spread them out.

Water the plant thoroughly. Move to a well-lit warm location about 75 degrees F 24 C. The plant should establish the root system before the frost arrives if planted in fall or summer heats hits if planted in spring.

Requirements for Crepe Myrtle Plants Grown in Containers. Plant crape myrtle in moderately fertile well-drained soil with a pH between 50 and 65. The most common response is to cut back the offending tree to ugly three-foot stumps.

Water thoroughly using a hose not a sprinkler. Once established crepe myrtle plants are drought tolerant but consistent watering will promote faster growing and better blooms. 4 Crape Myrtles need at least 6 hours of DIRECT SUN for good long summer bloom.

Ease the plant out of the pot. Provide sufficient water especially during the first year to keep the soil from completely drying out. Set the plant in the hole so that the place where the trunk meets the roots is at the soil line not too high.

5 Watch for Crape Myrtle Asian Bark Scale it turns the trunks completely black and. To plant crape myrtle dig a hole that is twice the diameter of the pot and only as deep as the pot. Crape myrtle prefers full sun but will tolerate light shade albeit with reduced blooming.

When grown in cooler climates a crepe myrtle tree benefits from full sun and moderate watering. How to Care for Crape Myrtle. When roots have filled out the soil in the larger container plant your crepe myrtle in your landscape.

Add a thin layer of sphagnum moss and place the pot or tray in a plastic grow bag. The wider the hole the better. Place native soil removed from planting hole around the perimeter of the hole in a wheel barrow or on a tarp.

Plus plant tags frequently underestimate mature heights by five feet or more. Setting Out Your. Fill the remaining space with soil and firmly press the ground around the stem.

How to grow and care for -. You can put from one to three rooted cuttings in a large container depending on whether you want a single or a multi-trunk tree. Plant crape myrtle in the fall or early spring.

Getting Your Crape Myrtle Trees Ready to Plant Care Before Planting Time. 3 Plant the hybrids with the large leaves to avoid powdery mildew in the spring and fall. Your crepe myrtle tree will also need regular fertilizing in order to achieve healthy growth.

Ease the root ball of the crape myrtle plant from the pot and place the root ball in the hole making sure it grows at the same depth as in the pot. Put the plant in the hole deep as the nursery container but twice as wide. Germination should take place within 2-3 weeks.

Plant crape myrtle in full sunlight as blooming is diminished in shade. Start by digging your planting hole at least three times as wide and as deep or not much deeper than the root ball of your crape myrtle. Fill in around the roots with excavated soil using your foot to firm it.

Choosing a Planting Location. Crape Myrtle Trees need plenty of sun so choose a bright sunny spot for your planting. Your trees have been on a journey and they will be a little stressed so place them in a.

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