How To Move A Rose Bush

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Remove the Rose Bush. Water it every day for two weeks.

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Dig the hole for your new rose 18 to 20 inches 455 to 51 cm in diameter and at least 20 inches 51 cm deep sometimes 24 inches 61 cm if you are moving an older bush.

How to move a rose bush. You could give it a prune before you move it reducing some branches by a third to an outward facing bud and tidy it up by removing crossin gdead branches. I also use a liquid vitmin B1 fertilizer a week before moving it. Partially fill your pot or can with a good potting soil if you dont have your own mix.

Carefully lift out the rootball taking as much soil with it as possible. Fill a 5 gallon bucket or container large enough to place rose in and let it soak for a day to re-hydrate well. If youre not sure about.

This stimulates root growth water before the fertilizer and then lightly after you put it on. How to Transplant Roses. It wouldnt be my first choice to transplant a rose plant during winter but if the circumstances call for it it can be done.

When you dig up the rose bush you need to dig away from the root ball so that you do not damage the roots. Dig up the rose bush. If your rose bush is large you may want to lay it on a tarp to drag it over to the new location.

Wait until all threat of frost or freezing weather has passed. Place the bush in the hole on the mound spreading out the roots. Make sure that there is good drainage.

Cut the rose canes back to 10 to 12 inches and remove all foliage if there is any. You should try to take as much of the root system as possible to the new location. Transplant or Move a Rose Bush.

Remove all leaves as well. This is to loosen the ground and cut the anchoring roots. Trim off the rose canes down to 6 to 8 inches long.

Plant the Rose Bush. Place the tip of the shovel approximately 15 feet away from the center of the rose bush and begin to dig. Keep digging down until you can easily slip the shovel under the root ball.

This video is taken in mid-Dec. When youre moving a large rose in the landscape your success will depend on reducing the effects of transplant shock. You may want to nourish the soil before you move the bush.

Rock the shovel back and forth to help loosen the root ball. Drive the shovel into the soil in a ring around the rose bush about a foot out from the center of the plant down to one depth of the shovel. Use a garden trowel to dig out a new spot for your rose bush.

Remove the rose bush from the existing location. Make sure you dig deep enough to get as many roots as possible. Roses dont like wet feet.

Dig a new hole. Prune rose bush before digging it up. Dig about 12 inches 305 cm around the bush and approximately 15 inches 455 cm deep.

Dig a hole at least 15 inches 38 cm deep for your rose bush. Prepare a hole that is about 15 inches 38 cm deep. Using a shovel gently dig a circle about 9 inches out from the drip line of your rose bush.

Once the hole has been properly prepared and the rose significantly watered youre ready to move it. Transplanting rose bushes in the spring time decreases the chances of wilting shock and the plant dying. Dig a perimeter around the entire rose bush and then continue to dig deeper to loosen the rose bush from the soil.

Choose an area for the rosebush that receives at least six hours of direct full sunlight. Transplant shock is characterized by. Push the blade of a spade into the ground in a full circle around each rose bush about 20 cm from the centre of the bush.

Select a spot with well-draining soil and sufficient space to allow for good air circulation around the. Cut the rose or roses down by half. Dig up a new hole first and make sure the hole is wide enough for the bush roots.

Carefully lift it out taking as much soil with the roots as possible. Start by waiting. Still using the shovel start digging out the rose bush from its original placement.

Yet most important is to heavily water the rose three to four days before moving it. Once these roots are severed then slide in the spade and carefully lift the rose out of the ground. Put lots of organic matter in the planting hole and try not to damage the roots when you diglift it out.

First you will need to select a good sunny spot for your rose bush or rose bushes paying attention to the soil at the selected site.

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