How To Make A Concrete Planter Mold

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Like mentioned earlier this depends on the type of planter you are making and can involve constructing a mold using laminate boards or plastic bowls from a dollar store. Whether you are creating a concrete planter box a simple side table or a poured countertop you will require a good sturdy mold.

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Step 1 Cut The Inner and Outer PVC Mold Pieces.

How to make a concrete planter mold. Lightly apply some vaseline on the master shape the head. Create mold for the planter. Step 3 Prep The Clay For The Drainage Support.

How to Make Your Own DIY Concrete Planters Step. The 3 wide pipe will be the outer mold and the 2 piece will be the inner mold. We found the best way to make concrete pots is to take the larger pot mix the concrete in it then add the smaller pot and push down and hold to create a mold.

You can use a sharp utility knife or to go faster use a circular saw to carefully make the cut. Let it set and then remove the mold to reveal the planter. Heres a way to cast your own.

You could use some old buckets for this. This easy mold material works great and is quite inexpensive. Decide how tall you want your planter to be.

The Quikrete hardened before we could even get it into our molds. We made our first one 24 tall. Ill show you how to make your own mold to cast concrete forms.

Add cornstarch just as you would add flour when working with dough until it becomes workable without sticking. Then mark that on the tube in our case I started with the 12 diameter tube and cut the tube at that length. And they last winter and summer look great with aging and moss growth as well.

Further you just need to get a simple mold to let the concrete harden in the desired shape. Using a miter saw cut the 3 PVC to 3 ¼ long and the 2 PVC to 2 ⅞ long. I have made a lot of concrete planters and this time I wanted to experiment with making reusable molds.

The method to make this mold is the same as my first mold making tutorial. To make the box for silicone mold cut the corrugated plastic board to size using a craft or X-acto. In any case the process is the same as before.

To make large concrete planters youll obviously need something bigger than a juice carton and toilet paper rolls. Mix the concrete and pour it in the space between the two containers. Step 1 Trim The Plastic Board For The Box.

Mix the cornstarch and silicone carefully in the bowl without getting it all stuck to your fingers. Perhaps youd like some sweet little concrete birds perched on a rock. Hence please read on to find out the steps to create molds from wood and the corresponding things to know.

This segmented concrete planters are made out of Qui. Step 2 Secure The Silicone Mold Box. We originally started this project with a large bucket drill and mixer and it didnt work the best for us.

The exact process of making a concrete or cement planter depends on the project but follows these basic steps.

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