How To Keep Squirrels From Eating Tomatoes

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Most recommend using foil when growing tomatoes in pots. But it has a suprise happy ending so read on.

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Its a sad story.

How to keep squirrels from eating tomatoes. To keep them from nibbling on your vegetables set up a food decoy station in an isolated part of your yard. They dont like. Building a barrier around each of your tomato plants can keep.

It can also prevent large insects from damaging the tomato plants. If you make it a habit to keep a water source in your garden they will not touch your tomatoes. The netting prevents squirrels and birds from being able to feast on your hard work.

Wrap individual fruits on tomato eggplant or other vegetable plants in small pieces of bird netting. I grew up eating fresh-from-the-garden tomatoes. You may then hang your tomato pot on a porch balcony or overhang and place the netting over the top of the plant.

Place treats that squirrels love such as sunflower seeds feed corn or peanuts in a dish and locate it well away from your garden. 2 Protect Your Tomato Plants. They dont like the taste of tomatoes which is why they wont eat the entire fruit.

Putting it over the pot then poking holes for the seedling and for water. Signs that Squirrels are Visiting Your Garden. Squirrels seem to be most interested in stealing tomatoes just as they ripen so wrap the mature fruits and ignore the green ones.

11 Easy Ways to Keep Squirrels From Eating Your Tomatoes 1 Try to Eliminate Things That Attract Squirrels to Your Yard. Itll swing around in the breeze and the squirrels. They are a nuisance.

If not Id suggest sacrificing the first run of fruits this season by saturating every early tomato with a strong solution of deer repellant. How to construct a simple plastic cage around tomato plants that keeps squirrels out but allows you — the gardener — easy access to the plants inside by u. How to Stop Squirrels From Eating Your Tomatoes.

Use Smells Bad and Good. Since squirrels can jump into your garden from overhanging trees a roof is necessary. You can construct cages around individual plants or around a whole bed or you can enclose an entire small garden.

There are also herb type pellets that you can put around the plants that make the squirrels run the other direction. The squirrels I had would eat green partially ripened or wonderfully ripe tomatoes. The old-fashioned method of letting a dog roam the garden is one way to stop squirrels from eating your tomatoes.

Adding a birdbath will kill two birds with one stone the birds will bathe and squirrels drink water. But then I grew up and life. This is a story of tomatoes vs squirrels.

There are repellents and traps you can use but altering the environment is a safe way of keeping your garden and the squirrels safe. Biting into that sun-filled explosion of fully ripened flavor was one of the great joys of my childhood summers. There are going to be many things that will attract.

Now you wouldnt want to eat those tomatoes. I asked my Facebook followers and here are some of their ideas. Repellents and decoys dont last long.

Building cages to enclose your plants is probably the most effective method of protecting tomatoes from squirrels. The only theory given was that squirrels dont like reflective. This is enough distraction to keep the squirrels from your tomatoes.

Solar electric fencing bird netting sprinkle hot pepper on them or Tabasco sauce cayenne pepper is good too hang a plastic owl on a plant hook near the tomatoes. Protecting your tomato plants will be a solid. Try moth balls or rags soaked in vinegar.

Use Water and Motion. Aim it at the tomatoes and see if the constant hits with cold water are enough of an annoyance to keep the Evil Squirrels away. Retired UT Extension Agent Mike Dennison says there is no sure-fire way to keep the squirrels out of the tomatoes.

Use Dogs and Cats.

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