How To Keep Rabbits Away From Flowers

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Then it might be time to start figuring out how to keep animals out of your garden or at least away from the flowers and vegetables youre trying to grow. Shake the cayenne around the perimeter of the plants you want to protect taking care to keep pepper off of delicate leaves and blooms.

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How to keep rabbits away from flowers. If you notice your garden plants have damaged leaves and stems pests may be to blame. A very simple way to keep rabbits away from your garden is to place some corn cobs soaked in vinegar. Egg and vinegar also work well if placed on the border of the garden.

Staple the bag to a wooden garden stake. If rabbits are ransacking your flower gardens and other garden pests look into using Irish Spring soap as a critter repellent. Fencing can be an effective solution for keeping rabbits from devouring your flowers.

How to Use Irish Spring Soap to Repel Garden Pests. Fencing needs to be at least 36-48 inches in height and must also be buried 3-6 inches below ground. Although rabbits dont jump they do dig so block that pathway by burying the lowest 3-6 inches fencing underground and angle it away from the plants.

Protect plants from rabbits Another way to help deter these bunnies from your garden is to stop them from getting in in the first place. Place two chunks of Irish spring soap in a drawstring pouch and secure inside. Hammer in some stakes and unroll wire fencing with openings of 1 inch or smaller.

Making Cayenne Pepper Spray. With most wildlife its really about reducing damage to a tolerable level says Dr. Smells That Repel Rabbits.

Bury the fencing 6 inches deep to prevent burrowing. Provide several inches of clearance around the plant and if the fencing is flimsy add bracing to prevent the rabbits from pushing the netting and reaching through to nibble. Mint Garlic and Egg Mixture As rabbits do not like the taste of garlic and mint both can be.

Be sure to add cayenne again after each rain. Set them around the plants in your garden to help prevent deer and rabbits from bothering your plants. Also when burying fencing it is best to bend it away from the garden to deter rabbits from digging under it.

Herbivores such as deer and rabbits. Scott Hygnstrom director at Wisconsin Center for Wildlife and professor and extension wildlife. Use chicken wire or rabbit wire that has smaller openings near the ground.

Use 14- to 12-inch-mesh chicken wire or hardware cloth to form cylinders around new trees shrubs or vines. Cut the soap into ½-inch pieces. The idea is to catch the rabbit before hes chomping on the greens and flowers.

Simple and cheap tips for preventing deer rabbits from eating your plants. Recycle your slivers of soap.


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