How To Keep Insects Away From Plants

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23 hours agoCertain insects are susceptible to minty scents whereas others need their path blocking to be kept away from precious plants veggies and trees Here are some handy tips. To make it more effective you can also try tossing some of its leaves into the flames if youre having a barbecue.

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Grow plants with insect repelling properties.

How to keep insects away from plants. Once theyre gone for the moment spray down the plants with a homemade insecticidal soap. The most common pests that can destroy your peppers are aphids and spider mites and these are insects youll want to keep FAR away from your pepper plants because they can stunt plant growth and kill your beautiful plants. You can also use motion sensor lights sprinklers and mothballs to keep squirrels at bay.

Marigolds peppermint spearmint catnip basil thyme rosemary nasturtium sage oregano lemon balm around your garden to keep unwanted bugs away. If this is something you are noticing at the moment its best to keep the pests under control. Borage can grow to a height of an average of between 18-36 inches which can provide good cover from the sun for your tomato plants.

French marigold will not only repel insects from your edible plants but it will decorate your garden too. Sage is also often dried and used in making DIY homemade repellants. If you can see them you can spray them off with a water hose.

Though you cant indefinitely protect your tomato plants from squirrels eliminating squirrel attractions caging your plants using natural repellants and creating some noise can scare these rodents off. Aside from mosquito-repelling plants there are other all-natural ways to keep those pesky insects away. A great recipe for a homemade bug spray for vegetable plants is to use one tablespoon of dish soap one cup of vegetable oil one quart of water and one cup of rubbing alcohol.

For smaller pests there are a couple options. As an added bonus some of these herbs also attract the predators that keep pests. It is very effective at keeping pests away and is particularly disliked by tomato hornworms.

Barriers help gardeners keep bugs out of their gardens. Smaller pests typically stay on the underside of the leaves so angle your hose up at them. The plant produces an earthy scent that wards bugs away.

Creeping pests like slugs snails and caterpillars approach your plants from the ground so make it a sharp dangerous place. Spread crushed eggshells beneath the targeted plants and creepy-crawlies will move along. How to keep squirrels away from tomatoes.

Like basil borage helps attract bees. Many aromatic herbs like yarrow citronella mint fennel catnip basil and lemongrass are natural deterrents for garden pests from aphids to potato beetles. For larger insects that you can see such as beetles caterpillars and slugs you can remove them by hand.

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