How To Keep Deer Out Of Garden Fishing Line

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Monofilament fishing line around your first fence post at 12 to 18 inches up from the ground. Best part is it only cost her 16.

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The deer cant see it.

How to keep deer out of garden fishing line. Just be sure to NOT hang anything on the fence like colored flags or aluminum pie pans as that would help the deer to see where the fence is. Wrap it around the second post a few times and proceed to the third post. Again wrap it tightly and proceed to the fourth and final post.

For instance try pairing fishing line with empty cans on top of buckets as demonstrated in the video below. How to keep deer out of your garden. For the past 15 years or so weve had excellent success keeping deer out of our garden by simply stringing a single strand of 30-pound-test monofilament fish line around the perimeter at midthigh height.

This woman used fishing line between fence posts around her garden to keep the deer out and it has been effective. It is not effective against rabbits though. Wrap the line around the post 3 or 4 times and continue on to your next post until you have gone around the whole perimeter of the area youre fencing.

Then take your fishing line and attach it to a t-post and start to pull a strand to the next post. The deer bump into the fishing line knocking the cans off the buckets which scares them away from the garden. This 25 trick will allow you to have a fencing solution that will keep even the most daring deer out of your gardenSSL family dad.

Wrap fishing line in a spiral pattern around plants youre trying to preserve starting two to three feet up from the ground. The first year the deer devoured my garden and it took me too long to figure out a cost-effective deer management system. Run a second strand about 18 inches above the ground too.

Ive watched deer grazing walking with their head down go. This year I again installed the fishing line fence. An inexpensive but effective deer fence the best fishing knots of all time and keep deer out of your garden 5 keep deer out of your garden 5Keep Deer Out Of Your Garden 5 DeterA And Reliable Way To Keep Deer Out Of Your OrchardDad S Trick How To Keep Deer Out Of Your Garden.

They also will not jump over anything that they cant see. Ive used several kinds of plastic fencing but our bambits have always found a way to defeat me. First drive the t-postsat the corners of your orchard or garden or whatever you want to protect.

Just read this article in Countryside mag Vol 5 No 2. The deer cant see it and are startled when they walk into it. Tie it to stakes about 3 feet above the ground or nose height for a deer.

Here are photos of Garys fishing line fence. I then tied off the fishing line to the starter post above pic and wrapped it around each stake several times keeping it taut until I made one row and tied it off at the ending post. Tie the 30-lb.

Fishing line can keep deer out if you use it correctly. Gary is using t-posts to support the fishing line around his garden. The second year I installed the fishing line fence with raging success absolutely no deer in my garden and everything including way too many weeds grew in abundance.

I continued doing this until I had enough rows keeping them 6 inches apart until I reached the top. Cable ties or twine would work also. You can get creative and combine different techniques.

Choose something light like 10 to 15-pound test fishing line. Go to your next post and pull the line fairly tight but not so tight that it has no give. Deer cant see the line to jump it so when.

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